Character Trait of Persistence – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Emma Dayan      There was a girl. She was always a really shy person. She was also really smart and got good grades. In school she kept to herself and never spoke, just in case she was wrong. One day she was in class and the teacher asked a question to the class. The question was really had and the teacher said if someone can answer it they would get extra credit. The girl knew the answer from a research paper she did a while back but she was afraid to answer. She didn’t answer and lost the chance for the extra credit. A few years later, when she was in a class the teacher asked the same question as her teacher 2 years before asked. This time she had the courage to raise her hand and she answered the questions. The teacher was so impressed and since then she was not as shy. This girl missed out on many opportunities when she was young but she learned to gain confidence and never missed out on anything again.