Character Trait of Resilience – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Linda Gammal  Lauren, a new girl moved from Brooklyn to Deal. She didn’t know anyone and she also had speech problems. When she came to school, she forgot about the dress code and everyone laughed. When she was walking down the long hallway, she went to say, “Hi” to some girls, but it didn’t come out as expected. She was nervous, so her speech problem became bigger. Lauren tried so hard. She even practiced saying the simplest things. She tried again, to say easy words, so when they come out of her moth, it wouldn’t be weird. But it didn’t’ work. She cried every night because of this. An idea came to her, as her phone beeped. She got everyone’s numbers in the grade and told them her story. When the next day came, everyone said sorry for laughing and offered to show her around the school. She also met a girl just like her. They became best friends. She learned not to give and the girls in the grade also learned not to judge people unless you know their real story.