Character Building on Achieving Your Goals – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Adeena Jaffa  There was a girl, Tamar. Every Motzei Shabbos she went to play basketball. While playing someone threw ball at her. She didn’t know what to do! Oh, no! So she tried shooting it into the hoop and missed. After that the game ended. Everyone was shouting, screaming and embarrassing her. They said, “Why are you so bad at basketball, we don’t want you on our team.” She went home and cried to her mother. The whole week she practiced. She actually thought she has a chance at winning. The next week came and she said, “I am going to win this for my team.” Right when the game started, she stole the ball from the other team. She dribbled towards the hoop. She heard her team mates shouting over and over, “Go Tamar!” She was very happy. All of a sudden without her noticing, the other team got the ball. Oh, no. So, she went, and got it back. She made the winning shot. Yay! Her team won, all because of her last shot that broke the tied score.