Characer Building Focus – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Nechama Mandel   There was a girl named Malka. She was running in a marathon. In this marathon you had to run 5 miles in 2 hours. Last year, Malka tried to pass one girl. She was running so fast, that Malka slipped and fell. Everyone was laughing at her. This year she was thinking about not running. But, then she realized that she can run. She decided that she would just pay attention this time and not focus on one girl. In the middle of the marathon she was in 2nd place. She really wanted to pass that girl, but she remembered what happened last year and just continued running. All of a sudden, the girl got tired and started slowing down. Malka realized it and started running a little faster. Before she knew it, she passed the girl and got to the finish line in first place.