Bill Gates: Surround yourself with smart people

Don’t go it alone. You’re better when you’ve got the right people around you.  Bill Gates built a culture of the best and brightest and was good at convincing his friends, such as Paul Allen and Steve Ballmer to join him on his adventures.  By surrounding himself with smart people, Bill was able to scale.  He also had a sounding board for ideas.  More importantly, ideas could get better from the combined smarts and perspectives.  Bill also knows how to complement his strengths by having the right people around that make up for his weaknesses.

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  1. Uour friends are your biggest influences!

  2. Joyce Selma Harary

    Don’t be surrounded by your weakness

  3. Let your friends lead the way and you will be okay

  4. Be friends with people you like

  5. Everyone finds the dirt in people. Be the one who finds gold 🏅

  6. You are who you hang out with

  7. Sometimes smart is the best choice🤓

  8. Who your friends are. That’s who you are🌟

  9. Sometimes smart is the best choice🤓

  10. The people your with makes you the way you are

  11. Be smart about who your with

  12. Surround yourself with supportive friends and family

  13. Surrounded with the best

  14. Be around the people you love

  15. Be around people who are smart

  16. Friends helps you

  17. Stay around the smart

  18. Stay with the right people

  19. Your reputation depends on the people you hang out with.

  20. Stay in the community.

  21. Surronding with success

  22. Circle of friendship

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