Sheldon Adelson: charity

Another value-based commitment, he said, is to charity. He learned this value from his father, a Boston cab driver, who, though living in deprivation, kept a box on the family’s kitchen table where, said the father, “I am putting money for the poor people. Listen, son, you have to do this,” Adelson quoted his father, “because there are always people who are poorer than you are.”

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  1. Be thankful for what you have

  2. Don’t make a promise if you don’t want to keep it

  3. Don’t lose hope

  4. Importance in business

  5. Keeping your word is the right way to go.

  6. Keeping your word is one of the most important thing you could do. Never make a promise that you know you can’t keep.

  7. Don’t say your going to something show it by your actions ,and always keep your word.

  8. Don’t lie

  9. Help other less fortunate than you

  10. Be thankful

  11. Keep your word never lie.

  12. Keep your word never lie.

  13. Keep your word never lie

  14. Ninette A Salama🎭

    Some people are lower than you and you should always be consideret

  15. Marcelle kam 🦄

    There’s always someone going through something worse

  16. Ashley Setton🦄

    Never say you will do something but know you wouldn’t do!

  17. There are always people less fortunate than you

  18. Michelle Tebele🐳🐳

    Don’t pity yourself

  19. Because there are always people who are poorer then you

  20. There is always someone under you

  21. Keep a secret

  22. Everything counts

  23. Always keep your promise🙌

  24. Keeping your world

  25. Value other people not just your self

  26. Sheldon the kind person

  27. when you promise you have to keep it

  28. Sheldon Adelson is a guy who knows to respect others because keeping your word is very important

  29. Sheldon Adelson is a very kind and caring person.

  30. What is the right thing to do as a Jew?

  31. Don’t promise if you won’t keep it

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