Sheldon Adelson: Have guts to approach things differently

After running a dozen or so business I realized that the only way to succeed is to do things differently then the way it was done. And what i learned is that if you do things differently, success will follow you like a shadow and you won’t get rid of it.

So that’s what i did. People doubted me because they didn’t do what i would do. It’s a matter of finding out what is it that industry does and identifying the opportunity to how to do it differently and then being enough of a risk taker to actually do it differently. People doubted me because nobody thought of doing it the way i did. They were satisfied with the status quo and I’m never satisfied with the status quo.

I look at every business and ask: How long can this last? How can I identify the status quo and change it?

Don’t be satisfied with status quo. Have guts to approach things differently.

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  1. Don’t be scared to be yourself

  2. Bravery to be unique is what people remember about you

  3. Be unique and you will succeed

  4. Practice makes improvement

  5. There is always another way

  6. Success comes from doing things differently

  7. Different is different

  8. Think outside of the box and be patient

  9. Doing things in your unique way;being individual 😄

  10. Marcelle kam 🦄

    Think out of the box

  11. Think out of the box

  12. Think out of the box and change the status quo

  13. Ashley Setton🦄

    Try Something Different😁

  14. Michelle Tebele🐳🐳


  15. Marcelle kam 🦄

    Saving lots money

  16. Marcelle kam 🦄

    Saving money

  17. Ninette A Salama🎭

    Think out of a box and lead the way

  18. Saving money 🦄

  19. View things in different ways

  20. A path to success

  21. It’s good to be unique.

  22. Do this differently and sucess

  23. There’s always something new to learn

  24. Fortune chakkalo🍩

    Fortune chakkalo

    There is a first time for everything

  25. A big distinction

  26. Normal is boring!

  27. Giving Things a chance

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