Lies lead to bad outcomes

Sheldon Adelson’s Father Told Him Never Lie About Anything
In an effort to get the Oakland Raiders to move to Las Vegas, Adelson spent money on politicians and lobbyists and planned to invest $650 million of his own money, and more, in a legacy project for Las Vegas. But Davis first tried to cut Adelson out of the NFL deal and then said he was going to use Goldman Sachs to finance the stadium. Then Davis let float a lease agreement proposal that Adelson knew nothing about and did not include him. That was the last straw. One of Adelson’s rules is don’t lie; because one lie causes the person to tell another lie to cover up that lie, and so on. That basic value is why Adelson will not do business with Mark Davis ever again. It’s also why Davis will not be able to get anything done in Las Vegas any more.

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  1. Lies have bad outcomes

  2. Lies lead to bad outcomes

  3. in short term: A liar gains. But in the long term, he loses big.

  4. A liar thinks he gains but at the end he loses more

  5. The truth is under the mountains of lies

  6. Lies never end

  7. Honesty is the best policy

  8. Don’t tell a lie

  9. Honesty is the best policy:

  10. Honesty is the best policy

  11. Always tell the truth!

  12. Always tell the truth

  13. Always tell the truth because if you don’t it can cause a ripple effect in the world and cause other people to lie and cover up for you

  14. It’s better to get in trouble for telling the truth than get away with a lie because it will come back in the future

  15. Ninette A Salama🎭

    Lying is like a prison cell it will hold you up and you’ll end up making more lies

  16. Truth is better than lying 😃

  17. Tell the truth!!!

  18. Marcelle kam 🦄

    Lies don’t help

  19. Ashley Setton🦄

    Lying doesn’t make things better😡

  20. Michelle Tebele🐳🐳

    Don’t lie your way through life

  21. Lies have legs👢

  22. Lying gets you nowhere

  23. Lying never gets you anywhere

  24. Telling the truth

  25. If you lie you might get caught so why take the risk.

  26. Lying can ruin something important

  27. Don’t lie even if you think you need to

  28. Don’t think about lying😈

  29. Lies have bad outcomes

  30. Lying can cause trouble

  31. Be honest

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