Ralph Lauren: There will always be copycats – but nothing replaces the real deal.

Not long after Bloomingdale’s started selling his neckties, another rack—right next to his—started selling neckties that looked exactly like his. “Oh no,” he thought, “where am I going to go from here?”

But a Bloomingdale’s employee advised him not to worry because his ties were made with love and passion. Love & passion trump the competition!

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  1. Don’t act like someone else be yourself

    Alfred Amkie

  2. Don’t copy or paste

  3. Create don’t paste

  4. Be creative without copying p

  5. Be original👌

  6. Be Yourself Don’t act like someone your NOT!

  7. Be Yourself

  8. This is real this is me 👨🏿‍🌾

  9. A copy is not the original👫.

  10. A copy is not the original👫

  11. Love and passion is the real deal👊

  12. Don’t copy someone else, Their aleady taken

  13. Making clothes and materials should be made with love and compassion and not expensive materials

  14. The original is always better than the copy

  15. People who copy like your uniqueness

  16. Work makes the end product better

  17. People may copy your originality.

  18. The copy is nothing the same to the original

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