Ralph Lauren: Stand out from the rest

Oprah: I saw an interview you did when you were about 26, and you said, “I always wanted to be special.”

Ralph: And I still do.

Oprah: Unless you’re set apart.

Ralph: Well I don’t want to be a zero. I want to say something, to do something, to have a voice.

Oprah: There’s this wonderful line in East of Eden where Steinbeck writes: “Will liked to live so that no one could find fault with him, and to do that he had to live as nearly like other people as possible.” That struck me because it made me realize that if you’re going to be extraordinary, then you can’t be like most other people.

Ralph: Yes. And yet I’ve seen a lot of bad people become successful. You don’t want anything they have because they’ve sold their souls.

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  1. be yourself

  2. be yourself and nobody else!

  3. be yourself and nobody else

  4. Be a leader not a follower

  5. Don’t be afraid to be different.

  6. Do what you believe is right

  7. use your own voice to stand out.

  8. Be your own person every one is special

  9. Marilyn mizrachi

    Stand out and be your own self

  10. Jacqueline Harari

    You are your own unique person

  11. Always reach high or you will never touch the sky☄️

  12. You can be anything you want to be.

  13. Be different make a change!

  14. Be different ya know!

  15. Be yourself beacause your the best👍

  16. Everyone has their own special ways in life. Don’t blow it!

  17. Don’t change yourself- The person you want to be is already taken

  18. Be a leader not a follower.

  19. Use your voice for something usefull

  20. Don’t be afraid to be yourself

  21. Express yourself

  22. be bold- don’t blend

  23. Being unique is good

  24. Voices all around

  25. Being unique in your own special way

    Don’t be jealous of others

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