Rich parents who raise NOT spoiled kids

Oprah: How have you instilled that integrity in your children, who were raised with every material thing anyone could want?

Ralph: We just passed on our values by how we lived. My kids also knew our parents, and both sets were very humble. My kids and I had a very normal life. My work is my work and, yes, they were exposed to things other kids weren’t, but they know what my wife and I value—we’ve always had the right value system about what’s important in terms of family and people. That has nothing to do with being rich or poor. I could have less and essentially be the same person. Having success at an early age gave me more of a sense of what’s important in life rather than always driving to make it. I loved what I did, and my satisfaction came from my own sense of stretching. I was fulfilled inside as opposed to needing outside fulfillment. Now, did I want good things that I’d never had? Yes. Did I have dreams about living this kind of life? Sure. Most everyone has those dreams—a nice house, a pool. That’s part of the American thrust. Did I give up my family in order to have it? No. Did I jump to another group because they were going to make me bigger? Never. I have always been who I am.


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  1. You can’t say “not spoiled.” say either”unspoiled” or “kids who are not spoiled.” Or “Rich Parents whose kids are not spoiled.”

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  10. It doesnt matter if you are not who you want to be. It just matters if you have the right family and the right health and the right brother and sister and Hashem.

  11. Happiness is the key to success

  12. A happy face does not disgrace

  13. You will rise up

  14. That was grace jammal with success

  15. Success takes time so be patient.

  16. Marilyn-norma💙💚💛💜💝

    Keep spreading happiness to kids so that they enjoy every moment of life😃

  17. Enstiling happiness in your children

  18. Stephanie Franco

    Make them feel how you want to feel (happy)

  19. Stephanie Franco

    Happy kids life

  20. Stephanie Franco

    Don’t be mean

  21. Stephanie Franco

    Be nice to them

  22. Stephanie Franco

    Do what ever they want you to do

  23. Stephanie Franco

    Take care of your kids

  24. Stephanie Franco

    Be happy with any type of kids you have

  25. Smiles are contagious!

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  28. One who is happy, makes others around them happy!

  29. The world is about making everyone smile😂

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  31. Marilyn mizrachi

    The key is when kids are happy

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  33. Don’t change your lifestyle because your publicity changes

  34. The amount of money you have doesn’t change how you are

  35. When kids are happy everyone’s happy.

  36. The dreams will never end

  37. Happy kids is the key🔑

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  41. Eliyahu Ben-Dayan

    Follow your morals and traditions no matter the cost

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