Ralph Lauren: Look to improve

You can enjoy the moment, but you have to keep things going—and you can’t be a one-trick pony.” You’re only as good as your latest success. Appreciate your accomplishments, but always strive to improve.


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  1. Elliot koren .

    be grateful for what you have and don’t complain.

  2. Appreciate what you have and say thank you to hashem

  3. Always be. Happy for what you did

  4. be grateful for what you have and don’t complain

  5. Always appreciate what you have say thank you to hashem

  6. You tried tour best

  7. be grateful for what you have

  8. Always try your best and if you don’t succeed you try harder the next time

  9. Never give up to continue improving

    Alfred Amkie

  10. Never

  11. Always try to get better

  12. Appreciate what you have

  13. Confidence is key

  14. Marilyn-norma💙💚💛💜💝

    Nobody’s perfect there’s always room to improve😀

  15. Find a way to make yourself better

  16. איזהו חכם הלומד מכל אדם

  17. Don’t believe your perfec, find your ways to improve

  18. Appreciate what u have to be better

  19. Room for greatness

  20. Nobody’s perfect. There is always room to improve.

  21. Reaching your full potential

  22. Improvement is helpful because it helps you become better at what your good at

  23. Always room to improve

  24. There is always time to make stuff better

  25. Never give up always keep trying

  26. There is always room for improvement!

  27. If you make a mistake keep improving on it

  28. Keep trying to be bettee

  29. Be the best that you can

  30. Never give up and continue to improve 😎

  31. There is never a end to success

  32. Improvement

  33. Never give up and try because you don’t know what coming your way if you try.

  34. Never stop trying💪🏻

  35. Be the Best that you be

  36. If you faIles but tried, you really passed!🚘

  37. Keep improving yourself – but only if you must .

  38. Keep improving

  39. You are never perfect so find so always find a way to fix yourself

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