Ralph Lauren: Listening to other’s opinions

Whether it was his children, the interns working at his company, or the customers in his stores, Lauren made sure to listen to what the young people were saying about fashion tastes and trends.

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  1. It is important to listen to what other poeple say

  2. Listen to others advise

  3. Jack d. franco

    Listen to people even children you can learn things from everyone

  4. customers might give you the best edvice yet.

  5. איזהו חכם הלומד מכל אדם

  6. Everyone deserves a part

  7. Respect is A key for life!

  8. Respect is A key for life

  9. You need to apply yourself to your education and learning

  10. Your ears can cause a good thing

  11. Every talker needs a listener. Be there for your friend

  12. Listen to your heart❤

  13. Help people through there problems, Be the listener

  14. Taking advice from others .

  15. There’s a difference between hearing and listening, be a listener

  16. There’s always more to !earn

  17. Take everything in and let it make you better

  18. Open your ears to the world

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