Ralph Lauren: Believe in yourself

After viewing his first polo match in New York, Lauren was inspired to quit his job as a clerk at Brooks Brothers and start his own company. He had no experience, and only a high school diploma and a few business classes on his résumé, but he won over Bloomingdale’s with his brazen attitude. Within one year, the designer sold $500,000 worth of ties at the department store. There is never a “right time.” If you have an idea, go for it and shock everyone with results.

Ralph’s first big break was with Bloomingdale’s—the hottest store around at the time.

They said they loved his neckties, but they wanted to take his name off the label and replace it with the Bloomingdale’s name. He said, no way, left the deal on the table and walked away.

Six months later, Bloomingdale’s came back. Turns out they DID want his neckties AND they’d keep his name on them!

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  1. Don’t give in stay true to you

  2. Be true to yourself and others

  3. Don’t let your amazing ideas go to waste

  4. Have faith in yourself

  5. If you don’t belive in yourself, you’ll never ever succeed.

  6. Never give up. If you believe in yourself you can do anything.

  7. Be true to yourself

  8. Believe in yiurself

  9. Ashley Setton🦄

    Have trust in yourself

  10. Don’t give up on a dream believe in yourself

  11. Have belief so you won’t regret

  12. Keep trying

  13. Marcelle kam 🦄

    Believe in yourself

  14. Its never to late to make the right decision

  15. Self. Believe

  16. Don’t forget to believe 🎂🎆

  17. Be true to yourself and others

  18. Fortune chakkalo🍩

    Never give up

  19. Stay true to you

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