Ralph Lauren: Be yourself

In the world of fashion, being comfortable in what you are wearing (both physically and socially) is vital to your success. Ralph Lauren understood that fashion trends come and go. What really lasts is a person’s personal taste and style. In his pursuit of the American Dream, Ralph Lauren never cowered to express his own individuality. He once said, “Personal style is about having a sense of yourself and what you believe in everyday.” He never failed to remain true to his own beliefs and tastes, and he tried to show a piece of himself in his work everyday. We cannot have a vision or a dream if we do not know who we are underneath. Staying in touch with our morals and our values is what keeps our dream in focus, and allows us to persevere in working towards accomplishing it.

Every once and a while, take the time to remind yourself of why you are doing what you’re doing, whether that’s trying to start a business, get a college degree. Keeping your goals in line with your beliefs will make chasing them much more enjoyable.

His mother was disappointed in him for not becoming a rabbi. Bloomingdales rejected him for being too daring in his designs. In his early years, it seems as if no one was on side with Lauren. But he did not care. He stood his ground, followed his passion, and designed how he wanted to design. That was how he made a name for himself.


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  1. Don’t copy other people

  2. You can be whatever you want to be

  3. It is better to be hated for who you are, rather than loved for who you are not.

  4. Be what you wanna be 🤰🏼

  5. Be who you are

  6. Be a leader not a follower

  7. Be yourself and only yourself don’t try to be like others you are perfect the way you are

  8. Don’t change yourself to be like another person

  9. Trends come and go but style stays forever.

  10. Trends come and go but style stays forever

  11. Be you and only you

  12. Tell the world who you are

  13. You are responsible to be you not anyone else

  14. Be yourself an original is always better that a copy

  15. Be yourself because everyone else is taken

  16. Be yourself because everyone else is taken

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