Melinda Gates on their kids’ allowance

Bill and Melinda Gates are trying, just like the rest of us, to ensure their three children think about others. That’s why the über-rich couple make sure their trio set aside a portion of their allowance for charity.

She’s similarly rigorous about her home life. Her kids save a third of their allowance and designate a charity they’d like to give it to. As further incentive, their parents double the amount.

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  1. Chesed makes the world go round

  2. The wealthy being healthy

  3. Joyce Selma Harary

    A normal life is a happy life

  4. You get what you give!

  5. You chose your own path

  6. When you get you give, when you give you get.

  7. Give even if you know you can’t get anything back

  8. Never count on your money to guide you through life family is your guide👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

  9. Jacqueline harari

    Your family is what’s important not money

  10. Money can’t make you 😊 but 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 can

  11. When you give someone something you feel good

  12. Think about giving others more

  13. Don’t be greedy and give to the needy

  14. Think of giving

  15. Teaching to give

  16. Thinking about others

  17. Teaching to give from a young age

  18. Bill Gates Keeps his Family Caring for Others

  19. Him and his wife are trying to keep his three children happy.

  20. Think of how happy you can make people

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