Jewish Values on Positive Attitude

By Sarit Hara I am always sad because I am not talented. But, I tried lots of things such as art, knitting, swimming, basketball, football, gymnastics and doing nails. So, one day my aunt came and asked me to do her hair. I said, “I am not good at it.” She said, “Just try.” So, I did and it came out beautiful. I realized that it was always there for me. I have a talent. It’s all from Hashem. If you can’t find what you are good at, you should never give up because you are going to find it.

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  1. Never give up is right

  2. Never give up is right!!!

  3. It’s very good that you didn’t give up because than you would still be sad continue to be confident.

  4. keep on trying and never give up once u try u will get it

  5. i learned to believe in yourself.

  6. I will try to never give up

  7. Great story! You’ve just gotta dig deep and let yo fur fly! Lesson learned well 🙂

  8. I learned that everyone has a talent but you just need to find it and you should never give up keep trying until you find your talent

  9. I learned that everyone has a talent but you just need to find it and you should never give up keep trying until you find your talent

  10. I learnt that everyone has a talent u just have to find it

  11. I learned that you should never give up if u are trying to be good at something

  12. I learned that always keep on belive in yourself

  13. never give up on something

  14. that she is not talint and then she said she dosent now how to do hair and then she tryed it and it became beautiful

  15. to never give up and always move on and try to succeed in life and if your happy then its good and I want to chase my dreams and you inspired me

  16. I think that it dosent matter if you think that you cant do it you should try your best

  17. try new things maybe you well like it

  18. you should never be sad at what you do

  19. don’t say anything if you don’t know all u have to do is belive and something great will happen

  20. you should never give up no matter what

  21. don’t stop trying

  22. so never give up

  23. I learned to never give up

  24. Life is not about ppl who act true to your face it’s about ppl who remain true behind your back

  25. sharon cohen saban

    i learned that you should never give up

  26. I learned that do not give up

  27. never give up on you dreams because you will all ways have one

  28. my name is Dinah im not cool but I will kept tring. but no matter what people say your not cool I think your cool

  29. never give up on your dream you will always have one

  30. i keep trying to do gymastics i dont know how but i keep trying even if i fall

  31. Everyone was created by Hashem with something unique. Sometimes we don’t notice it in ourselves or others right away, but we have to know it’s there and look for it.

  32. never give up on your dreams

  33. this teaches me that i should never give up when i want to do something i love this story i would never give up

  34. I learned to belive in myself

  35. ik I always knew u had something your my best cousin

  36. you should never give up on anything

  37. I just learned a lesson from u. that u should never give up on what u try jus5t try harder with out a doubt

  38. You should always believe In yourself and know we are all special in our own way, and never give up looking

  39. Just know this never to give up no body is perfect in life.everyone is probbly good at something you just have to try harder no one is perfect in life.Just try harder in life. I learn from this never to give up.

  40. I should alway try and never give up even though its hard you still try and never give up!!!!

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