Jewish Moral Values on Resilience

By Nicole Dror Once, a girl was reading a word. But she said it incorrectly and in a funny way. Everyone started laughing and so did the teacher. Everyone got over it, because we really felt bad. She was sad. She is our friend and we love her. But she stopped raising her hand to read for a while.

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  1. I leaned that you shouldn’t lUgh because she could be embarrassed and remember this for her whole life.

  2. I love ur story people always make mistakes
    I learned u shouldn’t laugh at someone bec it hurts pols feelings

  3. I love ur story people always make mistakes

  4. I learned a lesson to never laugh at someone

  5. I feel so bad who is she I hope she is nice girl

  6. it does not matter what enybody thinks

  7. to never in life to laugh at people

  8. to never laugh at people and if you did laugh you have to say sorry to the girl you made fun of. if you were the person that got made fun of and you did it to someone else your doing the wrong thing

  9. you should not care what people say

  10. it doesn’t matter if people laugh you. know yourself you are good

  11. you should never lagh at peapole

  12. don’t laugh at anyone its not nice she will feel bad

  13. I leared from this not to make fun of people

  14. this mini paragraph is really inspiring to kids that are mean to their friends we should all learn from this and fix our mistakes.

  15. you shouldn’t laugh at people its bad to make fun of people maybe that’s how she talks

  16. this little story teaches kids to be respectful and be really nice to each and every should always respect your friends mistakes or problems because its your friend.

  17. nobody should be laughing at their friends its really rude to that girl. I learned that I am supposed to be nice and respectful to my friends not to laugh and make fun of them.

  18. you should never laugh at your friends

  19. that teaches me to not make fun of anyone

  20. some people feel the same thing when they get embarrass but you souldnt laugh at other people if it happens to them. some people makes mistakes some time

  21. It’s not nice to laugh at people how would it feel if it were said to you?hurt upset? So you should respect people the way you want to be respected

  22. you should not laugh at your friends because they can get embarrass and everyone will laugh and that’s not the right thing to do

  23. you shouldn’t laugh out loud and think before you do anything because you will make the girl sad and embarrassed even though your not best friends

  24. You shouldn’t laugh at something so not will hurt someone’s feelings

  25. u are very smart and intelegen fifth grade girl

  26. I learned from this story that no one should ever laugh at someone when ever they do something funny

  27. I learn to not make fun of any one

  28. that teaches me to not make fun of any one

  29. i love this story it teaches me that i shouldnt laugh at anyone when they dont know how to read

  30. i learn a lesson to not laugh no matter what she said no reason to laugh it wasnt her fault

  31. I learned that its not nice to laugh at someone for a stupid thing

  32. you shouldn’t laugh at a girl

  33. I learned that you should laugh unless u think about how the person would feel

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