Ikea: Money and titles don’t make us, our abilities do.

Ingvar Kamprad is the founder of IKEA. His net worth is $23 billion.

Swede Ingvar Kamprad began with two empty hands to become one of the richest people in the world.

The Swedish furniture-maker prefers to live simply. Kamprad is one of the richest people in Europe, but you wouldn’t know it when flying next to him in economy class or eating lunch with him in Ikea’s cafeteria. He calls his employees ‘co-workers’ and encourages everyone to dress informally. He stays in cheap hotels. He drives a 15-year-old Volvo. His home in Switzerland was decorated mostly with inexpensive IKEA furniture.

Ingvar Kamprad still flies economy and often rides the bus. Arriving at a gala event to receive a Businessman Of The Year Award, he was at first refused entry by security because he had come off the bus. The security guard thought that it wasn’t really Mr. Kamprad; rather it was someone who pretended to be him so he could enter the gala since how could a rich man like Ingvar Kamprad ride a bus?

Rather than dining in expensive restaurants, he likes to drop in to one of his stores for a cheap meal of his favorite Swedish meatballs. Kamprad and his wife are often seen eating in inexpensive restaurants and haggling over prices at the market.

He prefers to do his shopping in the local market (always near closing time when vendors are more likely to drop their prices). Dressed in his scruffy coat, one would assume he was just another elderly man living on a tight budget rather than the fifth wealthiest entrepreneur in the world.

That is just how Ingvar Kamprad likes it. He regards luxury not merely as an indulgence but almost as a sin. In his memoir he wrote:
“We don’t need flashy cars, impressive titles, uniforms or other status symbols. We rely on our strength, and our will!”


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  1. Great message!!!

  2. What a humble guy

  3. Money can’t buy happiness

  4. What a great role model

  5. So inspirational

  6. Money isn’t everything

  7. Such a great role model

  8. What a great guy

  9. Time is money but time is the only thing we don’t spend

  10. Always stay humble

  11. The lesson is to be humble and not to show off. If your rich you can still live a simple life you don’t need to show off with flashy things .

  12. Always stay humble

  13. Being humble defines who you are

  14. Not all rich people dine like a rich people

  15. Michael Almaghrabi

    Everyone should be humble no matt is what they have. They should also be happy with whatever they have.

  16. Be humble. No matter how rich you are

  17. Everyone should thrive to be as humble as him.

  18. Everyone should be humble no matter what they have

  19. Love how humble he was. Amazing

  20. Even if you are rich be humble with ur money not a big shot so always be great

  21. Even if you are rich be humble with ur money not a big shot

  22. Be humble

  23. Don’t brag

  24. You can do anything once you put your mind to it.

  25. Great story

  26. I️ love this

  27. Oh wow that’s great

  28. So inspirational

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  30. Money don’t buy everything

  31. Very important

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  33. Wow what an inspiration. Everyone should learn from the humility of this man.

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  36. Beautiful

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  39. Use money wisely

  40. Interesting

  41. Be who U want to be!!!…

  42. IKEA is a cool store

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  47. Yeah money can’t buy everything

  48. Wow beautifully written

  49. Don’t buy happiness

  50. So inspirational

  51. We shouldn’t buy success

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  53. Money isn’t powe

  54. Money pays for yeshiva education, housing and food. Clothing and transportation. Money given in charity can help others who are not as blessed. Money is important, not as important as love or family time. Not as important as health or peace. But it’s needed.

  55. Beautifully written

  56. Amazing article so inspirational

  57. Effort is power not money

  58. Don’t judge a person until youve walked a mile in their shoes

  59. Money can be the root of all evil

  60. Nice message

  61. Amazing to learn from.

  62. Give money to the poor

  63. Be humble don’t make fun

  64. Don’t make fun of poor people

  65. Be humble

  66. Don’t flaunt your money

  67. Money doesn’t buy you success

  68. Money can’t buy success or happiness!

  69. Money can’t buy u success !

  70. Joyce Selma Harary

    Don’t buy success

  71. Money can’t buy you success

  72. Marcelle zafarani Ababa be ahave

    Look at the inside before u judge on the outside

  73. Stephanie Alfaks

    The inside of yourself is more important

  74. There are more important things in life than money.

  75. Our actions is what counts

  76. Don’t judge a book by its cover

  77. Qualities are you not money

  78. What is on the inside is what matters

  79. Are strengths are what make us strong not the money

  80. Humbleness

  81. Skill is money

  82. Money is worthless when u have something your passionate about

  83. Don’t judge others based on money

  84. Lives like the common man but can afford much more

  85. Joyce Selma Harary

    Work hard play hard

  86. Being humble

  87. Money isn’t power effort is.

  88. Skill is money not the other way around

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