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By Raymond Dusi Social media strips your identity from you. You will post things that aren’t you. The second you post a bad picture or write something uncool on social media, your friends will leave you while your true friends will stay by your side. That’s why social media is bad for you.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

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  1. i agree social media is bad and you shouldn’t use social media

  2. nice job on the article on social media

  3. Your right that social media strips ” friendship” and sometimes I can connect

  4. This is a great article on social media. It teaches you how truly bad social media is for you.

  5. i really liked the way you talked about social media. that really changed my thoughts about it.

  6. I learned that social media is bad for you. It is a truly inspiring story. I think all of this is true.

  7. Fascinating!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I learned that social media is bad for you.

  9. That is so true and I think social media is bad

  10. I learned that if you aren’t you on social media, than it’s not for you.

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