Coca Cola: Feedback helps you grow

The Coca Cola take real-time data use it to measure progress, and immediately feed it back into the product. They tap into local entrepreneurial talent, and they do incredible marketing.

They have this very continuous feedback loop. They learn something, they put it back into the product, they put it back into the market. They have a whole team called “Knowledge and Insight.” It’s a lot like other consumer companies. So if you’re running Namibia for Coca-Cola, and you have a 107 constituencies, you know where every can versus bottle of Sprite, Fanta or Coke was sold, whether it was a corner store, a supermarket or a pushcart. So if sales start to drop,then the person can identify the problem and address the issue.

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  1. Learn from your mistakes . it will help you in the future .

  2. Nobody is perfect. Learn from mistakes.

  3. Mistakes make you a better person

  4. Stephanie Alfaks

    It’s okay to make mistakes because they help you learn how to correct yourself

  5. Practice makes perfect

  6. Mistakes are just reasons to move foward

  7. Marcelle zafarani Ababa be ahave

    Corrections help you grow

  8. Mistakes can only make you better

  9. Learn from your mistakes

  10. Listen to others

  11. Correcting to make better

  12. Learning from your faults will help you grow.

  13. Constructive criticism

  14. Less is more

  15. Like a sponge take in and let out new ideas

  16. Like a sponge take in , and let out new ideas

  17. Know your problems in order to fix them

  18. Marcelle kam 🦄

    O there’s opinions

  19. Fortune chakkalo🍩

    Learning from others

  20. Improving from Feedback

  21. Comments help you grow.

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