Facebook: It’s not about money, it’s about people

Mark Zuckerberg is among the youngest billionaires in the world. He is only 28 years old and his net worth is $52.1 billion.

His wedding was held in his backyard. And the couple were seen eating at McDonalds while they were on their honeymoon in Italy.

Zuckerberg reportedly drives an Acura “because it’s safe and not ostentatious.” If you notice one thing about this young billionaire it is that he wears the same style of outfit everyday. He wears the same gray t-shirt, jeans, and hoodie.

GQ has named him “Worst Dressed Man of Silicon Valley”

His entire wardrobe probably costs less than $700, and it probably costs less than $200 a year to keep his wardrobe updated. Considering that the average American family spends around $1,700 a year on clothing, Zuckerberg definitely has the right idea on saving money.

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    Just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you have to overspend

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