Don’t market a product, market an experience.

The third component of Coke’s success is marketing. Ultimately, Coke’s success depends on one crucial fact and that is that people want a Coca-Cola. Now the reason these micro-entrepreneurs can sell or make a profit is they have to sell every single bottle in their pushcart or their wheelbarrow. So, they rely on Coca-Cola in terms of its marketing, and what’s the secret to their marketing? Well, it’s aspirational. It is associated that product with a kind of life that people want to live. So even though it’s a global company, they take a very local approach. Coke’s global campaign slogan is “Open Happiness.” But they localize it. And they don’t just guess what makes people happy; they go to places like Latin America and they realize that happiness there is associated with family life. And in South Africa, they associate happiness with seriti or community respect.

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  1. Don’t market a product, market an emotion.

  2. Looks don’t madder feelings do

  3. Lets say somebody is new to a school and you have to introduce yourself to that person and you really want them to like you so don’t buy new shoes to show of and don’t tell them about your crazy trip .Your better off complementing that person and try to make them feel good.

  4. Feeling good fells better then buying goods

  5. If you feel great u look great

  6. Market your happiness

  7. Rebecca gindi😂

    People want to hear emotions not experiences

  8. Don’t work on appearance work on good qualities

  9. Ninette A Salama🎭

    How people see you doesn’t mean they see you inside

  10. Emotions sell the product

  11. If you feel great you freel great

  12. Care about the way people feel that will do it back

  13. Marketing emotions

  14. Ninette A Salama🎭

    If you show emotion to others they will be around you more

  15. You can buy things but u can t buy friend ship

  16. Market priceless things

  17. Ninette A Salama🎭

    Making people happy changes the way they see you

  18. Happiness is success

  19. Ninette A Salama🎭

    The way you compliment people is the way they’ll like you

  20. Being successful isn’t the only part of life

  21. Rebecca gindi😂

    Dont compliment yourself compliment others

  22. Stephanie franco

    A life with sucess only

  23. Stephanie franco

    Mwrketing coke

  24. Real friends are better than money.

  25. Experiences are better than being rich

  26. Cokeeeee🤗.

  27. We market happiness not just a product

  28. Don’t market something that tast good market something that feels good .

  29. Emotion and experiences are the key to succes

  30. Don’t market something that tast good market something that feels good

  31. Don’t market a product ,market an experience

  32. Don’t market a product market an experience

  33. The way/road to success

  34. Don’t market a product market joy

  35. Market your product as an emotion, not as a product.

  36. Happiness from coke a cola

  37. Rebecca gindi😂

    Not everything is physical!!

  38. Marketing is about emotion

  39. Coka-cola doesn’t only market a drink they also produce happiness

  40. Being humble pays off

  41. The happiness of coca-cola

  42. How to be successful

  43. Stephanie Franco

    Market emotions

  44. Coca Cola= happiness

  45. Coca- Cola success

  46. Ashley Setton🦄

    Happiness from Coka-Cola😁

  47. Makrket emotions

  48. Coke is success

  49. Coka-cola is making good for marketing and happiness

  50. Ninette A Salama🎭

    Being the best doesn’t catch people’s eyes

  51. Anonymous aka Rosie massry😂😂

    The drink that led them to success

  52. The success behind coka-cola

  53. Rebecca Hindi😂

    Coke is emotional not arrogant

  54. Leslie Mamiye✌🏻

    The start of a great company

  55. Coke satisfies

  56. The path to a successful bussnes (coke)

  57. The success of Coca Cola

  58. Coke’s Success Spreading

  59. Michelle Tebele🐳🐳

    Coke was a big success

  60. The road to success

  61. Crabby patty formula

  62. marketing success with coke

  63. Who invented Coca-Cola

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