Bill Gates: Changing the world

Bill Gates is a guy with all the money in the world, yet he showed up to work every day to change the world. He’s not a seeker of fame or a seeker of fortune, although he has both.

He has given some $28 billion to charity over the past five or six years. Rather than just retire and play with his money, he focuses his time, energy, and resources on making a better world through innovative approaches.

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  1. You can use your money to help yourself along with others

  2. Joyce Selma Harary

    Joyce harary changing the world as we know it

  3. Your brain gets u ur money

  4. Using our money to make lives.

  5. Am amazing billianare!

  6. Gates doesn’t care about the dollar bills

  7. Hi it’s Diane azrak

  8. Cause i got you to live it with me I feel alright I’m gonna take on the world light up the sky I’ve got some pages to turn I’m singing
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  9. Money is only used to help others

  10. Jacqueline harari

    Making bathe world a better place is making people better

  11. Make your surroundings a better place

  12. We rise by lifting others 💸

  13. Use your brain not your money

  14. Use your money wisely
    to help others.

  15. Use your money wisely
    to help others

  16. Making the world a better place

  17. Use your money to help others

  18. Make a difference

  19. Be the person who can make a difference

  20. Don’t seek fame or fortune

  21. Seek to change the world

  22. Work Hard: It Pays Off

  23. Make the world around you a better place

  24. Setting an example

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