Torah contest on Teamwork

By Gail Hafif In a play, the actors would have a better chance of having an amazing play if all the characters focused, even if they had one line, but said it with confidence, belief, voice, feeling and hope. That would make the play wonderful even if you didn’t have a spotlight. But the main actor should make it a point to recognize all the people who work behind the scene and make the play possible. He should say, “I am sorry you didn’t get so many parts, but if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have known when to start and what to say, so thank you.”

Finding success after failure

By Jake Shalom   My main goal right now is to be a good basketball player. I’m pretty good at basketball, but I can work at many things to make myself that much better. I was once in a basketball league and we went to the finals. We were down by 1 point and it was our ball. I took the ball and took the last shot. I wasn’t even close. My teammates were very angry at the shot I took and I got very embarrassed. When I got home, I thought I was the worst basketball player and I never wanted to play the game again. That is the wrong attitude in life. Just because you missed one shot does not mean you have to quit. Especially at something that you love and that you are very dedicated to. The correct attitude in this situation is to keep working hard and not to let that one shot bother you. In the future, you will be faced with many situations like that, but this time maybe you will actually hit that shot and be a hero.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

Torah Values on Honesty

By Rosie Ovadia My two friends and I were walking on the street and we saw someone drop $100. One of the friends said, “Oh, look! He dropped his money! We’ll split it and get an equal share.” Then my other friend said, ‘No! We saw him drop it, so we have a chance to give it back.” She ran after the man and gave back his money. In life, we should always go the extra mile to be honest and good people.

Jewish Values on Honesty

By Ricki Khezrie  A teacher assigned a book report and it’s due in two weeks. The day before it’s due, Bella remembered that she didn’t do it yet. So, to finish, it she just copied a chapter from the book. The next day, she gave it in and got an “A” which was the best mark in the class. Bella really felt bad because she cheated. So, she told her teacher what she had done. Because of her honesty, the teacher let he redo the book report.

Develop Character of Resilience

By Sylvia Franco     Shirley just got the role of the main character in her school play. When she got home she couldn’t wait to tell her mom. Everyone was so happy for her. She practiced memorizing her lines every day and night before the play. Two days before the play, Shirley decided she would perform for her family to practice in front of an audience. As she was about to say her lines, she froze and blanked out. She didn’t know where to begin or what to say. She ran out of the room crying. “What do I do now?” She thought. Then an idea struck her, she had to face her fear. So she decided she would say her lines with her eyes closed. This way if she ever froze on stage she would just close her eyes and say her lines. On the night of her performance, she froze a couple of times but she just closed her eyes and said her lines. She was amazing. Because of this, a producer saw her performing and she became a professional actor. Have she not performed at that play because of her fear, she wouldn’t have been a professional actor.

Jewish Values on Honesty

By Sheila Mishan My friends are amazing. But, they are not always honest, except for one. This one friend is loyal and honest. We had a lot of homework one night and everyone in our class did it because they copied off each other. The next day in school our teacher asked, “Who didn’t do the homework?” My friend was the only one who said she didn’t do the homework. That day she got a zero in homework. The whole class appreciated her honesty with the teacher. The kids that copied off each other admitted after that they’d rather get a zero than copy off each other. I realized what a great person she is.

Short Story on Achieving Goals

By Lillian B.  Marathons are hard to accomplish. It’s a very big goal in life. But you have to really try and work hard. A goal of mine is to run the SBH marathon. It’s a very fun marathon. You go to Disney Land and run it. It’s very fun trip to participate in but you have to work hard. It is a lot of training. You think, “No, I can’t run it.” But you can, even though it’s so many miles. People who succeed at running weren’t born being able to run thirteen miles. You have to work hard to train.

Short Essay about Conquering Fear – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Michelle J.  People always tell me that I have a good singing voice and that I should perform on shows, but I get nervous. It’s very scary to sing in front of people. What if you mess up? One day, I got offered to sing in a show in Brooklyn College, where hundreds of people would hear me sing. I was a little nervous at first, but my mom persuaded me by saying that I would be fine and that I would really enjoy it. So, I agreed. I would have to practice once a week. Finally, the day arrived. I was so nervous, all of the sudden, they called my name on stage and I got up and sang. It was the best feeling in the world. Everyone cheered. After the show so many people complimented me. I finally accomplished my fear of singing on stage.

Motivational Essay about Overcoming Challenges – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Florence D. In life, there will be many challenged thrown at us, but it is our job to overcome them. Last year a friend of mine hurt my feelings and did something unforgivable. This was a very hard obstacle for me to overcome. I am sure that most girls fight with their friends and then bounce back days later, but this was different. We didn’t speak for weeks and acted like strangers. We both acted like we never even knew each other. Finally, I decided I had enough. I confronted my friend and showed her my perspective. She understood why I was upset and apologized. I know this doesn’t seem like such a large obstacle, but at the time it was my only obstacle. My friend and I are now closer than ever. It is very important to bounce back, even if we fail or are faced with a challenge, we should try our hardest to succeed and overcome it.

Motivational Essay about Conquering Fears – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Theela C.  When I was a young girl, I had a fear of roller coasters. Every summer in camp we would go to six flags. All of my friends would go on the scary rides, except me. Whenever they would go on the rides, I would have to sit on the side myself and wait for them to get off. I hated doing this, but I just couldn’t get myself to go n a scary ride. While we were waiting on line I almost backed out, but I pushed myself not to. I finally went on a scary ride that day. And it was the best decision I have ever made.

Inspirational Essay Learning from Your Mistakes – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Sol B. Making mistakes is part of life and the reason for most people’s success. I’ve endured many failures, but one in particular stands out. It was a freshman year and I had to take my first global test in high school. That night, I studied as much as I thought was enough to succeed. The next morning as I started taking the test, it downed on me, I didn’t study hard enough. As a result I failed. So, I set a goal for myself to study as much as I possibly could. I made review sheet, index cards and memorized all my notes. It was all worth it because I ended up getting a 95! The lesson that many forget is, if you never fail you will never learn your faults. Failure equals success, it’s just that simple.

Character Building Stories on Setting Goals – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Nancy M.   This year I plan to do very well on the SAT. I hope to receive an incredible grade so that I will get into a good college. In order to do this, I must work really hard and study every single day until I take the SAT. I know that this will be an extremely difficult task. And I know that I might skip a few days where there might be obstacles in my way of studying. The most important thing it that I bounce back from the days I don’t study and continue to accomplish my ultimate goal. As hard as I will try to study every single day, the most important thing is that I don’t give up and keep trying to succeed. I hope that this will help me do well on the test and eventually help me get into my dream college. I will use this technique of not giving up through all of my life’s goals and struggles.

Motivational Essay on Persistence – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Claudine H.  In tenth grade, chemistry was a difficult subject for me. I failed almost every test. I studied so hard. Harder every time and still couldn’t pass. Every test I failed made me feel worse and worse. The regent was coming up and I was a wreck. Every time I thought of chemistry it made me in a bad mood. Every time chemistry came to mind all I thought about was passing the regent. I had tutor after tutor for months. I did at least 15 questions a night. Even after doing questions and getting them right, I still doubted myself. The day of the regent has finally come. I was a nervous wreck. After all the tutors I got and all the work I put in I passed the regent. It never felt this good.

Torah Values on Honesty

By Lily Mishaan In Navi Class, we had a test that my friend did not study for. As she was taking the test, she was struggling to think of the answers. She was ready to give in the test when another girl in the class walked passed her desk holding her completely filled in test that my friend happened to see some answers. She was not sure if she should write them down because, if she didn’t, she would fail. But, if she did, she was cheating. So, she decided to do the right thing. She gave in the test half empty and failed. But she didn’t cheat.

Motivational Essay on Honesty – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Esther Chera The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” means that if you friend wears the coolest outfit and you love her because of what she is wearing on the outside not on the inside. You should love your friend because she is honest, caring, friendly, helpful and not selfish. She can be mean, she can be saying Lashon Hara about you, and she can be using you. You should always judge your friend by her qualities.

Jewish Values on Building Persistence – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Michael Rosolio Coming into junior year, I knew that math was going to be a challenge. I was never exceptionally strong at math. Trigonometry is the most failed math regent. Putting all this aside, I went into this year with a positive attitude.
My first math test was approaching and I didn’t feel confident at all. I practiced a little bit but not enough to actually succeed. I took the test and was sure I didn’t get over an 80. I received the test back and I got a 78. I was very upset because I was not used to getting this low. I called my tutor immediately to come review the test with me. I had made up all my homework and now I knew the material. I learned I must always call the tutor before the test.

Jewish Stories to Build Persistence – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Flora Tawil One day I joined a softball league. This league had games at least once a week, maybe even twice. I was not very good at softball. I am not good at any sport for that matter. I never hit or caught the ball once. One game it was my turn to bat. I went up to the plate as nervous as always. I kept my eye on the ball the whole time and suddenly I hit it. I ran to first base, then second, and I was safe. My whole team was cheering for me. It was one of the proudest moments. This helped me overcome my fear of embarrassment and learned softball too.

From the Torah How to Be Persistent

By Steven Hafif When I first started my sophomore year in high school I made the decision to try out for the hockey team. I was excited; I bought the equipment and started practicing weeks before the first game. By the time my first game came up I was bursting with excitement. Arriving early, I immediately ran downstairs and started to plan how I will celebrate my goals. The game started and I was frozen up. I missed every pass, shot and goal. And I was eventually benched for the second half of the game. I went into the locker room upset and mostly angry. But then I took a step back. I thought about what I was doing wrong and how to correct it. Instead of giving up, I went to the coach and told him to give me another chance. The very next shift I scored the game winning goal.

How to Overcome Fear – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Joey Benzaken        When I was younger, my hair always used to be a mess. Whenever I went to school my friends would laugh at my haircut because it was so bad. Every morning I would use brushes, water and get just to make sure my hair wouldn’t fly in the air. I tried so hard to change my haircut but nothing ever worked. One day I told my mom that this was very serious because I was so embarrassed. So, my mom told me to get the haircut and change my look. So I did. I spent one hour changing my haircut. When I came out, my hair looked great. I came to school and for once I felt confident.

Jewish Stories to Build Courage – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Samantah Chabot   There is nothing to fear but fear itself. If you have fear you won’t try new things; therefore not prospering,. You won’t get anywhere in your life. Because you were nervous during a test, you failed. If you are confident you will ace the test. You could bring a lot of pain to yourself if you have fear. You won’t tell anybody that you‘re getting bullied. Have risks and take chances. Think of the worse things that will happen if you take risk. Always be strong. Have confidence. Take risk.

Teen Stories to Build Resilience – CLICK TO COMMENT

By David Cohen    As a teenager Jimmy encounters many social problems daily. I’d have to say his ongoing social problems would be his friends. His friends are limited yet nice. He enjoys hanging out with them during school. When his parents said that they needed to move, Jimmy was excited at first, but got scared for the long term affects. He was afraid that his social life would be shattered. When he started new school he was welcomed by the new kids and made more friends that he made in his old school.

Develop Character of Resilience – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Raquel Mann    Because of fear you can lose a lot of adventure and taking risks in your life. Take risks you gain a lot of opportunities for adventure in your life. For example, if you go to Six Flags with your friends, the first time, they go on roller coaster you sit out and wait because you’re scared. If you don’t try the ride at least one time you miss the ability to have experienced the fun on the ride.

Building Character to Overcome Challenge – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Ricky Aboutboul    Raising your hand in class might be scary. You might not get the answer to the questions right and you also might embarrass yourself. But if you do raise our hand you might also get the answer right. Also, the teacher might be proud of you. Even if you get the answer wrong you can gain from it too because you’ll know for next time. Being fearful is worse then taking a risk no matter if it might be wrong.

How to Overcome Fear – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Bobby Tawil   I have always been obsessed with Star Wars. Yoda has many wise things to day. As a wise, small green alien once said, “Fear is the path to the dark side.” This have been true in many cases and particular during my black belt test. I have been doing karate for almost five years and learned combat strategy. Still I have never fought in real life. When my test came up I was able to avoid and block almost every attack. I could have attacked every attack. I could have attacked back. But, I was so scared to hit even in a competitive atmosphere. In retrospective, I realized I could have won and there wouldn’t have been any hard feelings. After that boy received his black belt and I didn’t, I was upset and jealous. Because in everything else I performed great. I failed only because I was too scared to hit back in a competition. I have since learned my lesson and I am eager to retake the test. Fear can cause many unnecessary feelings of dismay and over complicating of a situation. Do not be afraid of anything or you will lose out on many opportunities.

Jewish Stories to Build Courage – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Adina Aosi    What would life be like without a challenge or without any risk? I have always been scared to come out of my comfort zone. One day I had enough of my mean friends. Each day I went home with a sad heart. I have decided then, that I am going to take a risk and get out of my comfort zone and try to make new friends. The next day I started talking to new girls and realized that I feel so happy that I got out of my comfort zone and talked to new people. Don’t wait to take risks! Go out and grab them.

Building Character to Overcome Challenge – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Sarah Horowitz  Last summer all of my friends went to a sleep away camp for the whole summer. I felt that if I didn’t go I would feel very left out. I ended up staying home and going to a different camp. I didn’t know anyone in that new camp. I was afraid that I wouldn’t fit in because I was nervous that I might get rejected. That first week I went I had the best time. I made so many new friends and I kept on going more weeks so I can have the best summer ever. I learned that you always have to put yourself out there and be brave because you never know what might happen.

Jewish Stories to Build Courage – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Barbara Beyda     One summer all my friends went to a sleep away camp. I didn’t really want to go. So, my closest friends and I decided not to go to sleep away. We went to a different camp together. It ended up being the best summer ever. I would have never went to this camp if I didn’t take a risk. I would have been unhappy in a random camp but I took the risk. Have I not takes the risk I wouldn’t have this amazing summer. Even small risks that you can take on a daily basis and go a little out of your comfort zone, this can make a big difference in your life.


How to Overcome Fear – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Alan Mograby    A man used to go to the same restaurant for lunch every time he went out to eat. He would order the same pasta dish every time he went. Then, he met a girl and they dated for six months before he proposed to her. Three months later they got married. The Sunday after their honeymoon the couple wanted to go out for lunch and the man suggested the restaurant he always went to. However, his wife said that he always goes there and needs to try a new place. Now, they are an old couple that never goes to the same restaurant more than once.

Character Building Story on Overcoming Obstacles – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Lior Khalili    There was once a kid in school who often didn’t try new things. A lot of music and sports tryouts were happening in school but he wasn’t interested. One time when he went out to the park he saw his friend’s from school playing basketball. They invited him to their game. As they were playing, they saw that the boy had a great potential in playing basketball. Now, he was interested in going to the basketball tryout. He was lucky that there was a last tryout on Tuesday evening. In the end he got accepted to a team and the coach and other players in the team were proud of him. Don’t stay away from trying new things. Get out of your comfort zone and do your best.