Torah Values on Teamwork

By Marielle Marcos There is a shy girl in my class. She has a hidden talent of writing. I know that she spent so much time writing the play and making it the best. At the end of the play, when we introduced to the audience the people in the play, I took the writer of the play and introduced her. I announced that she wrote the whole play. Everyone was clapping for her. That day she was asked to write every play of the year. You should always compliments people with hidden talent because if you don’t they are never going to do what they are truly good at again.

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By Patty Shrem There was a girl who was the director and the head of the play. But, she didn’t know how to act so well. So, she gave acting part to someone else, who wasn’t poplar. The unpopular girl was really good. After the play was over the popular girl told the unpopular girl, “You were really good. You should be in a lot of other plays.” The girl felt good and comfortable with herself even since.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

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By Amanda Heskiel In color war, Sarah was the general. We split up the team. We needed to make songs and then to sing as a team. Esther was chosen to write the songs. She thought that Rachel was much better in writing songs. Esther gave that job to Rachel. When Rachel finished writing it, she gave it to Sarah. Sarah photocopied it and gave it out to the whole team. We practiced the songs when we sang it against the blue team. Every one complimented Sarah on the great song. Sarah said, “Thank you.” and then she said, “But, Rachel was the one to write it. She should be the one being complimented, not me.” We learn from Sarah that, even though she was the main person, she didn’t want all the credit. She was nice enough to give the credit to the person who deserved it.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

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By Raquel Mann    Because of fear you can lose a lot of adventure and taking risks in your life. Take risks you gain a lot of opportunities for adventure in your life. For example, if you go to Six Flags with your friends, the first time, they go on roller coaster you sit out and wait because you’re scared. If you don’t try the ride at least one time you miss the ability to have experienced the fun on the ride.

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By Fortune Sahalon  Susan was trying to eat healthy. Her friends invited her over on Saturday. She was happy that she was starting to lose weight. But, she was upset because, she knew she won’t be able to stop herself from all the unhealthy food by her friend’s house. She still went because she didn’t want to miss out on her time with her friends. She had a blast and she ate some unhealthy food. But kept it in proportion so she didn’t feel guilty. She inspired herself not to be scared to eat food that isn’t the healthiest all the time.

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By Terry Sitt  The most important thing in life is to take chances. One day I went on a trip to Great Adventures. I didn’t want to go on any of the scary rides. I was petrified of them. The second I got to Great Adventures a chill ran down my spine. When my friends came off the ride, they were all talking about how fun it was. Now, I wished I went on that ride. This way I could share their excitement.

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By Amanda Heskiel Sarah is 12 years old. She knows how to swim but she is afraid to dive. One day, she had a pool party with all her friends. They were all diving and doing all tricks and she was in the shallow. She was waiting for them to finish because she didn’t want to try it. She was missing out on having fun with her friends. Her close friend came to her and asked her why she isn’t diving and she told her she was too scared. She told her that she will stay with her so she won’t be alone.

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By Sonny Setton  This past summer, I went to work at a camp. However, I am naturally a quiet and shy person. I normally have a hard time meeting new people. This past summer was actually very fun because of all the people I met. I became close with my co-counselor who happened to be very popular in the camp. Once I saw how social he was, I said to myself, “You can do this.” We immediately became very good friends. Over the course of the summer, I met so many new and wonderful people. Before I knew it, I became popular in camp too. I came out of the summer with at least 20 new great friends. It just goes to show you. If you just step out of your comfort zone, great things will happen.

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By Joelle Cohen  Once upon a time, I was on the debate team. It was fun and everyone thought I would win. Above all, I was passionate about the debate’s subject being it was animal testing. When the debate started, I was surprised at the intelligence of the kids on the other team. They showed me much stronger points of the argument. I wasn’t surprised when I lost. But, I was resentful. I blamed it on so many things. I blamed it on my partner who admittedly stuttered and did get a lower score than me. I blamed it on my lack of preparation time, but it may have been my overzealous confidence. This taught me to prepare and not be so conceited.  I was so upset at not winning anything but, in reality, I was disappointed in myself. I still had fun at the competition which encouraged me to sign up for the 8th grade debate team again and try better this time.

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By Allan Bailey  I am in a candy shop. There are hundreds of candies to choose from. If I buy the same candy every time, I won’t be able to experience a new flavor combination. That would be the safe way. However, if I have a mindset to take a risk and buy a new candy, I will enjoy it more because the suspense leading up to it will be great. Therefore, if you like the new candy, it will encourage you in the future to take more risks.

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By Yafit Kamkhehji    Probably the most common fear in life is meeting new people and finding true friends. Fear causes people to feel weak, to feel that they’re not capable of doing things because people are better than they are. You lose the mental strength to try new things to take risks that will help you in life. The one thing people should fear is fear itself. People should confront the fear of meeting new friends by making the moments together count. In school for example, use lunch or breaks to talk to people that you’re not familiar with. Share your opinions and laugh about a joke you heard recently. Never be afraid to act confidently. Be who you are and don’t ever be ashamed of it. You’ll regret the things that you didn’t do. Even if you think you’ll fail tell yourself you never know if it can change your life for better. Even if you fail you can learn from your mistake. Don’t take time for granted and never wait for the right moment. Start fulfilling your dreams now!

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By Sammy Maya   All my life I wanted to be a doctor. Ever since I was little I was striving for good grades so I could achieve this goal. I graduated elementary school at the top of my class and had a 98 average in my first 2 years of high school. Then, one day I wasn’t feeling like myself. I was seeing doubles and then it all went black. I found out I was sick. I missed the hardest part of school. I thought I will never catch up and reach my goal. But. When I got better I worked hard to get back to where I was.

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By Rafi Srour  When I saw people in my school dressing in the latest style clothing it made me curious how I would look in it. I went to Macy’s. Even though I looked awesome in everything new I put on, I still had fear that my friends would find it unusual. I finally had the confidence to buy $300 worth of new clothes and keep going back every month. Now I never run out of my outfits to wear and I feel great about myself.

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By Danielle Tuachi When you see that someone popular has something that you want just because they have it will you get it? Put yourself in their shoes. When they most popular person in your class gets that popular item and you don’t even like it. you will go home and beg your parents for it. Then they will get it for you and you won’t even appreciate it. By the time you got this item everyone is moved into the next big thing that they love and noone will like you like you thought they would. So, your plan starts over and over and never works. Find good friends who love you for who you are.

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By Jeanette Tebele When I had a science project with my friend Pamela, we had to make a copy of an animal or a plant cell. Pamela gave us the idea to do an animal cell. First, we went to her house and were looking for all foods to use for it because we were making it as a cake. After that, on a different day, she came to my house and we made the cell. We didn’t have any toothpicks for labeling all the parts of a cell. So, I had the idea of taking a spoon, cracking the top off and using the stick for labeling. That worked out great. So, when we came to school and presented our project, we both thought we did a great job and we did. At the end of the day, we got a 95% and we knew it was because we used teamwork.

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By Yaakov Grunsfeld Social media kids all over the world are using Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Kids are following and friending random people to look popular. It might look cool to pull a prank or act mischievously to fit it. When a kid feels he ranks low, he would want to do something silly and funny to fit in. Peer pressure comes out of all of this. Often, fake friends online make you act a certain way. This pushes you to be someone else. On social media, you try to please people who aren’t you. These aren’t your real friends who you could share problems with and feelings. Social media isn’t really friendship. In life you need a real friend, someone who will care for you, help you, give an advice and will lead you through the maze of life.

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By Rosie Benmashiah You are afraid to take your test. You studied so hard. Your mother and teacher are confident that you are going to succeed. But, when you are about to take the test, you start to shake. You’re nervous and you start to write different answers that don’t connect to the questions. This fear will hold you back from getting a good mark.

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By Moshe Benhamu When I got home one day, I went on Facebook. I saw that people began to follow people who surfed. I went online to get a picture of a kid surfing. I posted it in Facebook and I got more followers. Social media strips our individual qualities. If you like music and people don’t, you’ll get a different hobby you don’t like. On Facebook, you can’t express your feelings because your friends aren’t really your friends. It locks you away from being yourself and having true friends.

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By Mark Barsano A sign of a good friend is a person who cares and motivates you. One time at the basketball game, there was one good player and one bad player. The good player said to the bad player, “Keep trying. I think you are a great player, even though people think you are not.” A different day, kids were picking on someone. Another boy joined in and started picking on him as well. The kid that was being picked on said, “Aren’t you my friend?” The other kid said, “No” and made him feel bad. That’s a sign of a bad friend.

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By Moshe Illouz  James had a goal of being a famous actor. He went to an audition feeling confident. He froze during the audition and was laughed at and embarrassed. James felt like giving up, he read an article online about his favorite actor not getting the role the first time he auditioned. The actor didn’t give up and got the next role. James learned from him and went into the next audition confident and got the role. He learned never to give up and always strive to succeed.

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By Leslie Antar My friends and I went to a food store. Everyone was eating the same and I liked something different on the menu. I didn’t like what they were eating. They were eating pizza and I wanted sushi. The mom asked, “Do you want anything?” I said, “Sure, I’d like some sushi.” Then I got nervous. I was scared they were going to think I’m strange. At the end, they didn’t care what I was having. So, I was nervous for nothing.

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5. Leslie A.
I was in my bed thinking about a fight. Someone was going around telling Lashon Hara and the person that they told it to, changed around the words and told someone else, and it started even a bigger fight. I was saying to myself, I don’t want to be that person. From now on, I won’t tell anyone any secrets that someone else told me.