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By Marc Hazan The sign of a good friend is when a boy sees you in hard times and you’re down, he confronts you and is there for you no matter what happens. That is a good friend. For example there were a few boys playing football during recess. And there was a boy named, Sammy, sitting on the side doing nothing. He didn’t have many friends. So the boys approached Sammy and asked him if he wanted to play with them. Sammy was incredibly happy that kids wanted him to play with them. When they were playing it was first down the score was 3 up. The quarterback threw it to Sammy, but he missed. All of Sammy’s teammates told him “Nice try, don’t worry, you’ll catch next time.” And again the same thing happened and Sammy’s teammates said,”Nice try don’t worry, you’ll catch it next time.” It was 4th down the quarterback threw it to Sammy. Sure enough he caught it and ran it for the winning touchdown for the team. All the boys crowded around him chanting his name. He was so happy and the boys were happy that he was happy.

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By Linda Benun  Someone was getting married to a very nice and sweet lady. After all the parties and everything, two days before the wedding the bride called off the wedding. It broke her fiancé’s heart. His family had to calm him down. After that happened, he was always afraid to get into another relationship with someone else because he was afraid he was going to get hurt again. It took him a few years to actually say, “I feel confident that I will find someone.” And he did. He is married now to a lovely lady and they are actually expecting a baby soon. So, now you see what happens when you overcome your fears.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

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By Stephanie Dweck   When one doesn’t take risks, one loses out on so many different aspects of life. They become so afraid and paranoid that they forget to live life. They miss out on everything that life has to offer. Fear created followers instead of leaders. We pass through life without becoming our own person. We nod when we’re supposed to, laugh when others are and try to talk as little as possible. We become someone else and miss out on finding out who we are. Instead, we must realize that it is okay to be different. Everyone was created for a reason and we all have something to offer to the world. We must step out of our comfort zone and find ourselves. We must realize we are unique and amazing. Even if we may get knocked down along the way, we will end up victorious.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

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By Renee Hadef    As we all know blackberry played too safe. They had the chance to take a risk but they didn’t. The iPhone started to take over their business. Now, blackberry is drowning. In this case many of us are the blackberry. We like to play safe. We are too scared to get out of our comfort zone. Don’t play too safe. Take a risk and be the iphone.

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By Michelle Harari    There is no such thing as being fearless. Fears chase you down, waiting for you at every corner. However, it is your decision of whether or not you want to shake fear’s hand as you turn that corner, or if you continue waking straight, avoiding fear at all costs. This is a story of how an indecisive, sometime shy girl came to a decision. It may not seem, so huge, but at the time it was a pretty big deal (if you take your color war seriously). Color war. Soccer game blue vs. white. Tied game. Goal kicks. One – miss. Two – miss. So far neither blue nor white had scored to win the game for their team. There was one kick left. Flashback to a few weeks ago, during a soccer tournament, same scenario. I wanted to kick that last goal kick. Very much so. But, I didn’t speak up. My team got second place in that tournament. Snap back to reality. I wasn’t going to simply stand there, watching my team try and not even make it close. Do I volunteer to kick? I don’t want to come off as being boastful or arrogant or a hotshot. But, I had a feeling I could do it. So, I did. And I scored. I had won the game for my team. I took the risk. However small, it was a chance. And I felt good about it.

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By Michelle Zalta     Every girls loves shopping. Shipping for clothes, shoes, anything. Over the years there are many fads and styles that everyone want to wear. Sometimes many girls simply want to dress like everyone else and follow the ongoing styles of society, out of fear that buying clothes that are not ‘in style’ is going to get them rejected from people and their opinions. However, where does everybody things that the styles come from? The new styles that you saw in a magazine or on social network from someone who went outside their comfort zone. They tried something new and took the risk breaking the comfort. These positive effects of what that person did only happened because she took the risk even if she had a fear of rejection to go to the store and buy the clothes that you love not what everyone else loves. And that eventually will lead to our uniqueness as a person and help to overcome your fears not just of this but others as well. Because conquering fear give you the confidence to conquer other fears as well.

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By Joseph Gindi    In class every day when the teacher would ask questions to the class the smartest boy in the class would always by afraid to answer the question. He always knew the answer but never answered this is because he was scared that if she got it wrong he would be made fun of. He was also scared of the teacher judging him if he got it wrong. The way for this boy not to be scared of this is to make up his mind that his answer is right.

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By Daniel Esses      Once at Great adventures Six Flags my friends and I were about to go on a King Da Ka. One person was scared to go on because he was afraid of heights. While waiting on line we tried convincing him to go on it by showing how safe and fun it was. At the end he was still saying no. But, at the last second there was an empty sit and he knew he would regret not going on it. After the ride he said it was the best and scariest ride he has ever been on and how happy he was that he went on it. The point of the story is that you regret the things that you don’t do and you must always face your fears.

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By Cynthia Benun   When you’re younger, you ride on a bike with training wheels for many years. For many children, transition to a bike without training wheels because they don’t know what it’s like on a big bike. Sometimes it takes a very long time for kids to get used to the idea of leaving their old predictable bike that they’ve had for so many years. It’s very hard to go from the comfortable training wheels to the wobbly bike. Where you’re unsure if you will fall or not. Even though it may be scary to learn how to ride a bike. We have to, in order to ride fast and be mature.

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By Regina Saada  Getting out of your comfort zone is a fear most human beings face. I used to be afraid to attempt to shoot a shot in a basketball. I was afraid that I would miss and be humiliated. No matter how many times my coach would encourage me to shoot, I was too afraid because I was too nervous to break out of my comfort zone. I missed out on the thrill of actually playing the game the best that I could do. The next year I realized I missed out on a lot of fun and I was determined to break out of my shell. I missed sometimes but I scored a lot too. From my basketball experience I learned that even if you are afraid you must be brave and face your fears. Start moving out of your comfort zone now and face your fears like I did.

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By Danielle Ashkenazie     When choosing a high school I didn’t want to go to a certain school. All of my friends were going to a different school and I wanted to stay with them. I convinced myself that school was perfect for me. I begged my parents and very smartly they told me no. I was afraid to go to the new school because I didn’t want to make new friends and go into an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people. Now, I realize that the school I ended up going to is the perfect place for me. I flourish here. I was forced to take that risk and I am glad I did it. Fear of uncertainty and unfamiliar things stops us from being the happiest we can be. Sometimes the unfamiliar path is the best one for us and will be the best for us in the long run. We can’t be afraid of uncertainty. It holds us back from too many opportunities.

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By Eileen Franco “Jennifer,” Sarah screamed from across the room. “I love your jacket. It is so cool.” “Thanks. It’s new,” Jennifer answered. “It’s awesome. So, you know my birthday is coming up, right.” “Really?” “Yeah. So what are you going to get me?” Sarah said excitedly. “Well, what do you want?” “That jacket would be nice,” Sarah answered with a smile from ear to ear. “Well, it was expensive and my mom…” “So, you’ll get it for me? Thanks sooo much. You are my best friend ever.” Jennifer went home very happy that Sarah called her her best friend. She asked her mom where she got that jacket. “Why do you need to know?” Jennifer’s mom asked. “Well, it’s Sarah’s birthday soon and she wants a jacket like this one.” Jennifer’s mom talked to Jennifer and made her realize that Sarah wasn’t a true friend. She was just using her to get her that jacket. The next day, Jennifer didn’t talk to Sarah. She made a new friend instead.

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By Phyllis Hadar  A few summers ago all my friends were going to one camp that my mom didn’t want me to go. All I could think about was how I was going to miss out on so much fun this summer. My mom told me, “If you want to go, then go. But, make the right decision.” I thought about what my mom said and decided that I wanted to do something new this summer and be with different people. I needed a new experience. Sometimes that would change me. So I went to Israel for the summer. I went to camp on kibbutz and I had the best experience of my life. I made all new friends. This taught me: New isn’t always bad. Sometimes new is better than the old.

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By Claudine Hadef   I want to accomplish getting better grades. I’m always on the iPad or computer. It distracts me. I get good grades but I want better. I want an honor roll, but I keep getting distracted whenever I study. Sometimes, I just zone out during the test and forget what I studied. I am going to stop using computer for as long as I could every night that I have a test. Every time I don’t use it I’ll write it down so I could see how much I accomplished.

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By Raymond Arking   People always try to do amazing things, but sometimes it just backfires. I think people should start out small and then try bigger. For example, I tried to get a touchdown in football. But, the ball bounced off my hands and someone on the other team caught it. (It was an interception). So, I tried to start small. I got a touchdown by running with the ball (getting a hand off). I felt good that I helped my team, instead of doing a back flip and missing a throw, which I could have easily caught. I know that many people have done similar mistakes. So, remember to start small and you’ll end up doing big things one day.