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By Isaac Alfaks If my friend was getting bullied from popular kids, I would stick up for him and would make sure he wasn’t bullied or else I would bully them. I will never let him be picked on. Also, if we are playing sports and my friend is hurt, I will help him and I will not keep playing the game if my friend is hurt. I will not use my friend because he is rich. I am his friend because of the good things Hashem taught me.

Teen Stories to Build Resilience – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Morris Shalom   In life sometimes we face fears. These fears might make us weaker or stronger depending on how we take on the challenges. For example, sometimes in school a teacher may ask a question in class but a student might be afraid to answer. The student can face this challenge in two different ways. He can answer the question and take the risk that he might be wrong or he can just stay quiet and play it safe. In the world, everyone needs to take risks. With no risks there is no progress and with no progress, there is no improvement. Even if we take the risk and get the answer wrong, we can always get back on our two feet and restart. If you take enough risks, eventually it’s come naturally. So don’t be afraid of risk, because life is a risk in itself.

Never give up. Don’t quit. – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Abie Nahamias When someone’s business goes down, he shouldn’t just say he failed and go into a new business. He should never give up and keep trying. Also, learn from the failure. The way the business failed he should never let that happen again to his business. Recently, when I was playing a basketball game and I lost, I didn’t just give up and say. I failed. The next game I tried not to fail and not let that failure make me do badly from last game. So, the game I was playing now I tried as hard as I could and recovered from the other games failure and played amazing the next game.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

Take more risks, get more rewards – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Rachel Nussbaum  Without risks, life would be boring. In order to make your life more exciting, you need to be daring and take risks. If you are constantly scared to take risks, you will never be accustomed to new things. If you constantly eat the same food, wear the same clothes and have the same friends, then you will just live a simple, boring life. Some people might fear taking risks because of the consequences or because they don’t like to try new things. We need to overcome this fear and train our minds to let us take those risks. So, what do you have to lose by taking risks? Either you’re happy or you’re disappointed; but either way it is an experience. There are so many benefits from being daring. One time, I went to Six Flags and all my friends were going on a really high roller coaster, and I am afraid of heights. So, I refused to go. I thought to myself, “Why not to take a risk? What can I lose? If I have fun, then I will have officially overcome my fears. If I don’t have fun, then I can at least say I went on that roller coaster and at least I attempted to overcome my fear.” Because of this experience, I now have the ability to face my other fears and try more new things. There is nothing wrong with change. But, you have to take control of your mind and have the courage to make those changes. What would life be without a little diversity?

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

How to believe in yourself when others don’t – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Sari Alfaks Fear can prevent you from reaching your life goals and dreams. If it’s your dream to be a lawyer, you should push yourself to get there and enjoy doing it. If you have a job interview and you get very nervous about it, you won’t succeed. An opportunity like this comes once in a lifetime. You must be relaxed and calm and believe that you could succeed. Fear is all imagination and the only person causing fear is you.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

Teen Stories to Build Resilience – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Orly Alchkifati  One time when I was little I was shy and scared to sing in front of people. Everyone wanted to hear my voice and how I sing. I was scared they wouldn’t like my voice and would laugh at me. When I sing I express myself and who I am but because of fear I wasn’t able to do that. People thought I was a little shy girl with no talent. But, later on in life I learned that when you think too much or overthink it you start to get scared. So, the message I’m trying to say is don’t get scared or you’ll regret it for life. Never overthink, just do what you truly believe.

Jewish Moral Values Overcoming Obstacles – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Suzy Abed    Since I was a child, my dream was to be a fashion designer. Every day I would come home and sketch all my ideas. In high school I signed up for every opportunity for art and design to build up my opportunity for college. I wasn’t such a good student but still passed. I realized how my grades would affect my future. I was so determined to get into a certain college. After I applied I waited anxiously for my results. As I was opening my letter back from the college I felt the weight off the world on my shoulders. I realized Hashem had a different plan for me when I didn’t get accepted. I was devastated, but realized it wasn’t over. I worked really hard on changing my failures and succeeding.

Jewish Values on Teamwork – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Eli Nahamias When we play football, all of the good players get the ball. All the kids that are not so good don’t get the ball a lot. All the kids that don’t get the ball always get upset, because they don’t get the ball. Except, sometimes we let all the kids get the ball. We let them do what they want. We compliment them about the way they play. When we give them all the credit, it makes them feel very good. There are some kids who are very good at sports. Who don’t care about other people’s feelings. They yell at kids for doing sometime wrong. I always tell them to stop. I think that everyone should be treated the same way. I want to make a change, so nobody puts anyone down. All the good players and the not so good players should compliment each other about everything that they do. Some kids get upset that they better kids do everything and they don’t want to play anymore. I really think that every single person should be treated the same way no matter how good they are at sports.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

Torah Values on Teamwork – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Nelly Alfaks One day there was a play in a class. Everyone wanted to be the spotlight role, Cinderella. Some people wanted to be the hidden talent, the director. If someone wanted to be the spotlight, they have to be active, because everyone is going to pay attention to them. If you are the hidden talent, the director you have to be creative and know what you’re doing because everyone is counting on you what the play is going to be about.

Jewish Stories to Build Courage – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Albert Aini    When people are being bullied they are frightened. Bystanders are watching and laughing. That kid thinks he will lose out for telling his parents because his parents want to help him. If he would have told them maybe he won’t be bullied anymore. Sometimes when you face you fear good things could come out of it. There are pros and cons to taking risks, you just have to make the right ones.

From the Torah on Teamwork – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Sari Alfaks In color war, people usually want to be the general or the captain. The hidden talents are the kids on the team. Compliment hidden talent by telling them that it’s all up to them for us to win. All the hard work that they will be doing will get us to the top. With their hard work, we can impress judges and the other team. The other team is no match for them. And, above all, remember to include everyone. Make sure to have each person’s name on that project. It’s not right for one person to do everything on her own just to the get the credit.

Jewish Values on Persistence – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Nelly Alfaks   One day I decided that I wouldn’t speak Lashon Hara anymore. I was in my friend’s house and we were talking about a girl in my grade. We kept on speaking about her, until, my friend realized we were speaking Lashon Hara. So, we felt very guilty and we tried to stop talking Lashon Hara. Every time we spoke Lashon Hara we always reminded each other to stop. We kept on trying because we kept on failing. Since we started encouraging each other we stopped speaking Lashon Hara.

Torah Values on Overcoming Challenges – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Chella Ennakab  I think to get through life you need a challenge. Hashem challenges every person. He gives you challenges that He knows you could overcome. I want to become more religious. I can’t do it in one step, because I will fall back. I can’t keep the whole Shabbat. But one time I do it for 2 hours. Next time another 2 hours and so on. Before you give up just remember why you started that goal. Why you set your mind to do it. Every goal you have, you can do it because Hashem gave you that challenge and you can overcome it.