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By Sharon Tawil A positive trait that a friend could have is keeping a secret. If your friend tells you a secret and said not to tell anybody, the next day don’t just think that since it’s a new day you could tell everybody. If your friend cares about it, don’t make her regret being your friend. If she tells you a secret, it means that she trusts you.

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By Estelle Obnona One upon a time there were two girls, Nina and Louisa. Louisa always thought she was cool and popular. So every day she bragged about her iphone, ipod, ipad and apple tv. She was the most popular girl in the 6th grade. Nina was not so cool and pretty. One day, the 6th grade was doing a play. Nina made a mistake. When she made the mistake, it was the dress rehearsal. The next day at the real play Louisa planned to make Nina mess up even more. Nina was very embarrassed. All her friends were laughing at her. But her best friend went over to her and told her, “Don’t worry.” She felt better.

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By Alana Gindi One day Marielle needed help doing schoolwork in class. She was upset because there was a test on that subject the next day. Another girl, named Susan, said to Marielle, “I saw you needed help. Can I help you?” Marielle said, “Sure, thank you!” Susan sat at her desk and helped her with the grammar problems. Marielle said, “Thank you. I am going to do great on my test.” The next day the test came. Marielle was ready. She took the test and felt confident. She said she did well. Susan saw that the teacher wrote on the board math problem. Susan asked Marielle to help her and Marielle said, “No.”

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By Jill Gindi  Mary and Nancy went to the ice skating rink. Mary’s mom got them ice skates. Mary had been taking lessons and Nancy didn’t have a clue how to ice skate. Mary didn’t know that. So Mary said, “Let go of the wall” and SPLAT, she landed right on the floor. Mary raced over and said, “Are you ok?” Nancy replied, “Um, I guess I’m a little rusty.” Mary said, “Ok, skate with me.” Nancy replied, “Ok,” and she fell again. “You don’t have any experience,” Mary told Nancy. “I know,” Nancy replied. “Why did you lie?” “Because I was scared that you would laugh at me”, continued Nancy. “I would never,” Mary reassured her.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

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By Ruth Tawil If you are going to buy shoes and you chose a pair that you love, you’re ready to buy them until you hesitate because you think that your friends might not like them or they will make fun of you. Then, you put the shoes back and you leave the store empty handed. Why should you care what your friends think about those shoes? They are not the ones who are wearing them. You are! What’s the big deal if you buy them and your friends don’t like them? You’re dressing for yourself not for your friends.

Teen Stories to Build Resilience – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Margo Chabot  Allison’s goal is to be an artist. Allison and her friend take an art class. They were painting a sunset. Allison’s sunset came out horrible. Everyone’s art work was so much better. The art teacher said, “You have to practice at home.” The next art class, they were still working on sunset. She practiced at home many times. Allison’s art was even worse. She said, “Next time, I’m not going to fail.” Everyday, after school she practiced for one hour. She didn’t have a doubt that she isn’t going to fail. The next art class, the teacher said her sunset was much better. When they started a new drawing, it was a fruit. Allison did the fruit excellently, not one mistake. Her friend was so proud of her and so were her parent and teacher. Allison realized she was putting so much pressure on herself, that’s why it was not coming out nice before.