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By Bashy Blatter Coming home from a hard day of school with a lot of homework on her back, Miri was exhausted. She gazed at her library book sitting on the couch staring back at her saying, “Come on. You are almost done reading me! You love to read. Come on. ” Then Miri’s knapsack caught her eyes. If she did her homework, she would read after and do well on her Chumash test tomorrow. Should she finish reading her book? The book was just so tempting. Or, maybe, she should just do her homework and then read? Miri started to lift up her knapsack and head upstairs to her room. When once again she saw her book, she didn’t know why she loved books so much and had such a great desire to read. Miri scrunched her eyes shut as not to even see her book and ran upstairs. Finally, when her homework was finished, she sat down on the couch with her book. She made the right choice.

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By Penina Nikforuz Let’s say you have a great Lashon Hara to tell your friends. It is so interesting that you can’t handle yourself. You think to yourself that if I tell this news, everyone will be my friend. You will be popular. So, you go on and you say your juicy Lashon Hara. You are so relieved that you said it. First, everyone thinks that it’s so interesting. But, then, they realize what a bad thing you did. They start backing up from you. Day by day, you start losing your friends. Now you realized what you did. You start to reject yourself. Oh, only if you controlled yourself, this would have never happened. Before this had happened to me, I was in a situation of embarrassment. Kids were making fun of me. In my mind I had a great Lashon Hara to tell the kids about the person who was embarrassing me. At first, I wanted to tell. But, then, I switched my mind. That’s how I controlled myself. It was the best thing that I did to get myself out of this situation. If I would have said Lashon Hara things would have become much worse for me. But I didn’t. The Yetzer Hara did not have control over me, I fought it back!

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By Rivka Masar It was my uncle’s wedding and I had a pink dress and, right before we left, I was thirsty. There was only a bottle of Coke on the table so I drank and it spilled on my dress. I went to my mom and she tried to clean it but it just made the stain bigger. But we had to leave to the wedding. I was so upset and embarrassed and so I folded my hands so nobody would see the stain. Everyone looked at me and thought I was crazy. But, when I unfolded my hands, everyone looked and probably thought, “Those things happen”. After 2 hours, it dried and you could barely see the stain. When there is nothing you could do about it, just live with it. It’s not the end of the world!

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By Tamar Florence You missed the bus-it’s a nice day, I’ll walk. You got a bad mark on a test – I know to try harder. You broke your arm – you don’t have to do school work. My parents love me, I have a roof over my head, and I don’t have to be in the hospital to be on medication. My siblings are mean – other people don’t have any. I have a lot of homework – I’ll know everything in class tomorrow. You always want more – some people don’t have any. You don’t like the weather – people with cancer are happy to see another day. You don’t like supper – others are happy to be eating. There is a positive in everything!

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By Hadassah Newman A girl in my class is very happy. Even when something bad happens, she is still happy. One time, she had a very bad day. Our math teacher had a baby and, on the first day, the substitute picked on her right away. Math is our last period so most people would go home really mad, but this girl was happy and just as energetic as usual.

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By Chaya Sarah Moskowitz Its sunny day and your mother just told you to wake up for school. You said the night before that you would get up right away. Your mother is still calling 10 minutes later and you still didn’t get up. What is this? This is temptations and lack of self discipline. Self discipline is very important for a few good reasons. One reason is that noone will trust you after a while because they know you already and that you won’t commit yourself. So, they won’t take chances. Another reason is for yourself; you will grow up doing the things you want and not think about the consequences but only your pleasure which could have consequences later.

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By Adina Sara Weinberger Computer, DS’s , phones, we want them but that does not mean we need them. And, as much as you say you don’t even have temptation, you naturally do. But if you measure your Pro’s and Cons, you will end up with more pros. The pros of having computer and iPods: enjoyments and relaxation. The cons: no exercise, wasting time you could’ve studied, weight gain, no socializing and waste of time.

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By Dafna Stern Discipline. The word alone has so much power, so much meaning. Self discipline might have the most power and ability to get you somewhere far in life. From limiting your ice cream to holding back your anger, self discipline goes far. To me, the most important type of self discipline is time management. When someone is looking for employment, they do not want to hire someone for a job if they do not know how to get stuff done due to the lack of the time discipline. If someone else is applying for the job and they have a set schedule in their mind and discipline themselves to follow it, they will get much done and probably get the job. If someone wants to go to college and they know how to follow a studying schedule, they will do much better than those who do no know how to study properly. Self discipline is an essential value in which I hope to achieve. It can get you very far in life.

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By Ruthy Levy Kadi Why does a person fall? So they can get back up again. Life has its ups and downs. It’s not a straight ride. So, if someone tries to have self discipline, they should not give up. If they fall, they just get back up again and not give up.
“Yawn, just another Sunday morning,” I think when I woke up. “I could just stay and lie here all day,” I think while snuggling up in my blanket. “It’s 11am and I’m the only one who is still in bed and not up. But why should I?” I think. “It’s Sunday, a no-school day and it’s just sooo cozy here…”
Laziness is something that destroys our generation. If someone has self discipline and gets up that Sunday it might not seem like the winning choice at that time, but, later on, you will see how much you really gained.

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By Tikva Chamani It’s a hot summer day in June. Sweat drips down your forehead. You pass by an ice cream store and you start imagining an ice cream cone with three flavors covered with hot caramel and chocolate chips on top. “Oh, come on. Just 1 ice cream,…it’s been so long.” “No! Stop it! It will cost you 30 minutes of running on the treadmill. It’s not worth it.”
What would you do if you came across a situation like this?
In this generation, desires are all around you. You must realize that if you don’t work on them now, in the future they will knock you down. Life is not about fun and sugar, but rather about making it through and growing. It’s very hard to control yourself not to go after our desires, but if you manage to take over your bad inclinations, you will feel great after. Don’t let your desires take over your life. Hashem only gives you a nisayon if He knows you can live through it. This shows us that if we come across something we think is impossible in life, we must know that Hashem put you in this situation and you can absolutely overcome it. Try hard and you will succeed.

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By Malka Fisher Sara wanted to go on a diet to lose weight. She decided to only eat 1 junk food a day. On the 1st day she succeeded and only ate 1 junk food. However, on the 2nd day she couldn’t control herself and ate 3. Eventually her entire diet fell apart. When you set a goal for yourself that requires a lot of self control, never set the goal too high. Do it little by little and, eventually, you’ll get control over your life and you won’t be a slave to your desires.

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By Chayala Nachum Picture this scenario. Its 8:45 in the morning and you’re curled up under your covers, blissfully unaware that you are late for school. Your mother told you to wake up but your Yetzer Hara convinced you not to. You finally wake up and dash to school without eating breakfast or davening. For the most part of the day, you are in horrible mood. At first it felt alright to listen to the Yetzer Hara. But, in the long run, you lost out. Try to overcome Yetzer Hara! Next time, set your alarm clock five minutes earlier than usual and then relax for a few minutes in bed. Do this for a week or so. Then work on not hitting the snooze button on the clock. Try putting it beyond your reach so you don’t inadvertently press it. If you succeed in doing this, you’ll win in the end.
Picture this scenario: its 7:15. You are already dressed and sitting at your kitchen table eating a leisurely breakfast. After eating, you have ample time left over for davening and you are still able to catch the bus. Look how much better you feel! Which scenario would you rather be in?

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By Devory Lebowitz When you go on vacation, you enjoy yourself at the time. But once you are back in your regular curriculum what is it worth? Vacation, parties, etc are just a temporary change from your usual schedule that fuels you to keep the Torah and Mitzvot. However, when you do a mitzvah, it gives you a spiritual strength and pride for that something special that you have done. Happiness brings Kedusha.


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By Chani Rubenstein  You work really hard to make an artwork piece for class and your 6 year old brother rushes by with his football and knocks over your easel with your painting that you spent 3 hours on.
There are many way to react to a situation like this, which can cause you to become angry and upset. Have a frame of mindset of this is what Hashem was to happen. How will I react? To react positively you have to remember that this is Hashem’s plan and you want to pass every challenge and obstacle that comes in your path. This way you’ll become a calmer and stronger person.

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By Chani Brodt Suri was the only one who wasn’t playing. We were all playing elimination by recess. But she was sitting on the side looking upset. I got out after a couple of minutes and I went over to sit next to her. I asked her what was wrong and she told me she got a very bad mark on her test. I was surprised; Suri was one of the smartest kids in class. So, I told her she should stop worrying about it, that she shouldn’t be so upset. There will be other tests to bring her average back up. I also told her that she had so many good things going for her. She was so talented. She could dance and sing and draw really well. She had so many friends. After I told her all this, she seemed to feel better. She told me, “Thanks” and got up to join the game. I saw that we had started a new elimination game so I got up and followed her.

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By Huvi Kadin Being popular is all you may ever think of. That’s what every kid would want. Shira always dreamed of being popular. Every day, when she would walk to school, she would think what is going to happen in school today. One thing always played in her head like a broken tape recorder, “Will I ever become popular?” One day, in school, she sat near the popular kids at lunch. They were talking to her, laughing together and having a great time. She finally felt a slight feeling of popularity. Over the next week she kept feeling more popular. The next week, Shira realized her old friends started ignoring her. Then, the following week Shira’s new popular friends stopped talking to her. She felt like she was thrown in the garbage. She was heartbroken. All she thought now was what I have done? This wasn’t real happiness! Her real happiness was her real old non popular friends. Is it even that important to be popular? All Shira wanted now was her old friends back.

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By Malka Nussbaum Elana lives on a nice block. She has loads of girls her age on her block. Some are her friends and others are not really nice to her. They fill her life with misery. They make fun of her, do pranks on her, etc. The tormenting is non-stop and definitely not going to change any time soon. When they make fun of her and torment her, Elana fells horrible. She thinks, “How could people possibly be so mean, throwing garbage on your porch, scaring you. How could neighbors be so tough?” But, then, Elana thinks abut how she changed over the year. The fighting only helped her grow. She realized how much she matured and is now able to handle tough people. And even though some neighbors drive her crazy, Hashem wants this. He wants Elana to strengthen herself. He wants her to realize how much she has so she has some bad neighbors. A few weeks ago, Elana had another problem with her sibling. Her sister, Tamar, was trying to break her necklace that she got for her birthday. Elena just kept calm and cool, the same technique she uses with her neighbors and soon, as if by magic, her sister stopped. She realized that her ‘problem ‘ with her neighbors is not really a ‘problem’ because it’s all for the best!

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By Adina Pool Imagine coming home from school one day. It wasn’t really the best day. You left your snack at home and you forgot to do your homework, etc. As soon as you get home you run to the snack cabinet to get your favorite snack bag that you got from your friend for purim Mishloach Manot. You check the cabinet, you can’t find it. You turn the house up side down looking for it. Slam! You hear the door shut expecting that it’s going to be your mother. You run to the door complaining how you can’t find your favorite snack bag but when you get to the door you realize it’s not your mother. It’s your younger sister. Suddenly you remember your sister complaining to you the other day about how much she wanted your snack and, of course, you said, “No, it ‘s mine.” After that mini flashback, you start screaming at your younger sister and after your whole mean speech, your sister runs to her room and starts crying. Of course, you don’t run after her. You decided to go back to the cabinet and check one more time. You are about to give up looking. When, all of a sudden, you see a little piece sticking out. Yay! You see your favorite snack, “Hot Chips”.
Now, do you think that your sister deserved getting screamed at for something she didn’t even do? And even if she did deserve it, do you think a snack is going to give you real happiness? Well, it may, for a few minutes. But, then, the snack bag will be done. Well, if there is one thing I have to tell you, it’s that family is happiness not some materialistic thing that won’t last.


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By Chayala Lev When Shira walked into her house it was awfully quiet, too quiet. “Why can’t my family have fun,” she thought to herself. Her sisters were busy studying and her brother was buried under his book. “Do you want to play a game?” Shira asked her brother. “Nah,” said her brother not looking up from his book. “All my friends have such fun families, while mine is so boring,” Shira thought. However, soon Shira realized she was lucky to have siblings who cared for her and looked up to her. Some kids in her class didn’t have siblings or if the did they always got into fights. “Thank you Hashem,” she said. She now realized the gift of siblings.

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By Hudis Hoch Lea stepped out of the house into the streaming sunlight. She needed a break. Chani was getting on her nerves again. Lea hated sharing a room with her sister. She sat down on a chair and wondered, as she did everyday, why Chani was so annoying. The problem was Lea was a perfectionist and Chani was, well, a mess. Her stuff was scattered all over the room. Her bed unmade. Lea sighed and went back into the house. She opened the door to her room and blinked a few times. She always did that because she always wondered how such a neat freak like her could live in such a place. Chani popped out from under the mess. “Hi Lea,” she said with her charming smile. Lea was about to lash out at her sister about the messy room but something on her neat clean bed caught her eye. It was a box wrapped in bright wrapping paper. “What’s this?” Lea asked Chani. “Oh, that’s from me, Lea. It’s because I feel bad that I’m such a mess.” As soon as Chani finished speaking, Lea realized something. This situation wasn’t going anywhere. She couldn’t change Chani’s personality. “Chani, “she said. “Let’s make a deal. You try to be a little neater and I’ll try to deal with the mess a little better.”

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By Shira Safia  Sometimes when I get a bad mark, I could think about the other times when I got a good mark. I could thank Hashem for my good marks and learn from my bad mistakes.
When my brother annoys me, I feel so angry at him but then I remember when I fell down and he tried to help me. I think that not many siblings feel bad and help their sister to get up.
Happiness can’t be vacation, dresses, games because it doesn’t last long. It is just temporary. But, sometimes, I think about how many good things I have. And the bad things are really good for me because it can teach me a lesson. When I think about this, I become happy.

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By Yehudis Kahan Sara sat in dance class watching her two neighbors dance along with the dance teacher. Why couldn’t she do those gymnastic moves with them? Why do they get solos and she does not? But wait, she also has something they don’t have. A talent that she is good at is tap dancing. Does it really matter what she doesn’t have? No, because what makes her happy is what really matters. The next time dance class came around, Sara’s dance teacher came over to her and asked her to tap dance by herself. Sara realized that everyone has different talents. Happiness is something everlasting. It’s not going to Florida for a week and going to Los Angeles another week. Happiness is things that mean something to you. For example: the Torah, your family, your feelings, etc. A new pair of shoes or winning a game means something for those few minutes. But, then the happiness dies away and there is nothing left. So, don’t get jealous from someone else’s talent or toy. Think about what happiness really is and you’ll feel like a new person.

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By Gitty Silber Malky went over to her friend Shaindy after school on Tuesday. When they got there, Malky was amazed. Shaindy had her own music room full of instruments which she played. Shaindy showed her all of them and played it for her. Malky was jealous. Shaindy had so many musical talents. She went back home not too happy. She told her mother what had happened. Malky’s mother didn’t know what to do. She just kept on listing all the things she did well like, writing, drawing, dancing and so much more. Malky then realized not to be jealous of other people’s talents because everyone has their own.
Happiness is not something like vacations and money. Happiness is something that lasts forever.

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By Reena Shilian Chava wakes up every morning thinking that she will never survive with her annoying brother, David. David ruins things, breaks her toys and picks on her. One day, when Chava came home, she found out that her birthday present was missing. Without thinking twice, she stomped into David’s room and started shouting at him. Then she went to her mother and started telling on David. Her mother told her that she heard that someone who didn’t have much money needed a gift for her daughter who was the same age as Chava. Chava’s mother planned to buy a gift and give it to the lady. But, she told her that she needed it as soon as possible. Chava’s mother decided that she will give Chava’s birthday present that was brand new. She thought that she will buy an even better present for Chava. Chava learned that just because she has an annoying brother that doesn’t mean that he does whatever happened to be a mystery. And, besides, her brother, David, might have other qualities that can be beneficial to her.

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By Goldie Perlowitz Ahuva’s sister wanted to borrow Ahuva’s new favorite shirt because she had a Bat Mitzvah in 15 minutes. So Ahuva said, “Ok, fine. But be very careful not to ruin it.” After about 3 hours her sister came home from the Bat Mitzvah. Ahuva saw 3 stains on her new favorite shirt that her sister borrowed. How should Ahuva react?
Ahuva should say to her sister, “It’s ok. It’s very hard to be by a Bat Mitzvah and not get your clothes dirty. I’ll get another shirt like this and, if not, then this is what Hashem wanted.

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By Esther Mehlman Frustration: When I don’t get the mark on a math test that I expected or wanted even if I studied the whole night. The truth is, a lot of things go wrong – all the time. But I think it’s important to move on. This is because if I was always thinking about that bad mark I would never be able to do anything successful and my self esteem would drop to zero. That can happen. But, take it as a lesson. Try appreciating all your other marks and that will make you feel better. Also, start realizing that not everything will always go exactly as planned. When things like that happen, look up to Hashem and understand that is what your Father wants and that is the best for you.

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By Rena Gross One time, I got a kidney infection for weeks. In those weeks, I missed my class play, I slept through my brother’s wedding. I was very upset that I slept through my brother’s wedding and that I missed my play but I got over it. It is very good to get over things. It’s always good to look at the positive. That’s how I moved on. It’s always good to live for the present. You don’t have to look at the future. You don’t’ know what will happen in the future.
It’s very good getting good grades, going on trips, but this is all temporary. Real happiness will be with you forever: family, friends, etc. Games and grades will keep you happy for about 5 minutes. After this you will move on to another thing. “The more you get the more you want.” Be happy with what you have, that is the true happiness!

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By Leah Hatanian “Girls, listen up! We are going to make a play, ‘The Wizard of Us.’ I am going to split you up to practice with your group lines from the play. On Monday, will be the auditions. Good luck! So the groups are: Sarah, Miri and Chana in the 1st group.” The second Sarah heard her group she grabbed Miri and Chana and said, “I’m Dorothy! I am clearly made for the part.” “Woah-oh-oh, oh no!” Miri cried. “Sarah, the last time we had a play you were the one who got the main part by nagging the teacher. On the day of the play, you were so nervous that you stuttered through the whole beginning and then I had to take over.” Chana continued, ‘Yeah, Sarah, you should be the dog because your animal impersonations are excellent.” When Sarah heard those words, she ran out of the class and began to cry because she wanted to be in the spotlight. The day of the play: “Ruf, Ruf, Ruf,” Sarah barked dramatically. After Sarah stopped barking, she heard laughter from the audience. She realized that Hashem made you with ups and downs and sometimes you can’t be in the spotlight. But, if you work with what you’re good at and together as a team, you will succeed. And, in fact, the play was a success.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


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By Aliza Greenberger “I like your dress,” said Sara. “Thank you,” said Leah. After a day of compliments, Leah said “You want to come to my house after school?” “Sure.” “Why don’t we practice for the play?” said Leah. “Well,” replied Sara, “I don’t really have a part.” “That’s all right. I can get you one. My mother is the head,” answered Leah. “Really? What a surprise,” Sara exclaimed. “Yep. I’ll go talk to her.” “Guess what? I have a part,” said Leah, in a happy voice. “Thank you so much,” Sara continued, “Well, sorry. I have to go. Bye.” So, you want to come to my house,” asked Leah. “Sorry I can’t. I am going to Rivka’s house,” replied Sara. “But I got you the part?” Leah asked in dismay.” “Sorry, got to go,” was all Sara said.

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By Yael Abramowitz If you are feeling left out of a group, what do you do? Do you try to befriend somebody in the group? Which girl do you choose? The most friendly girl? Probably not. Most likely you will befriend the most popular, stylish girl. After all, she is the one who will help you ‘fit in’. At recess, you play the games that she plays. At home, you call her to chat. On your way to school, you go out of your way to pass by her house – just to say hello. Finally, to your delight you’re ‘in’. The next year, the classes are mixed. You’re in the opposite class of the popular girl. You’re the cool girl in this class. Suddenly the old popular girl is forgotten. She starts to wonder if you ever liked her. You’re not perfectly happy – why? Perhaps – no, definitely – it’s because you don’t have a real friend. No one understands you.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


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By Adina Feigelstein Shira burst into the classroom. Her eyes were sparkling with excitement. She announced to the whole class that she had gotten the newest game that was very expensive. All day, during recess and lunch, Shira talked about the game. A crowd of girls gathered around her to listen. Among those girls was Naomi who was extremely jealous of Shira. She had begged her parents to get that game but they said it was too expensive. Naomi longed to play the game at least once. “I must go over to Shira’s house,” she thought. Throughout the day, Naomi hung around with Shira walking with her. She invited Shira to play ball at recess and sat next to her at lunch. Shira took a liking to Naomi right away. But, Naomi didn’t really like Shira so much. One day, Shira invited Naomi to her house to play. Naomi immediately accepted the invitation. At Shira’s house, they played the expensive game over and over and Naomi loved every minute of it. “Now, I could stop being her friend. Sure, I’ll be friendly. But, I’ll hang around with my friends.” A week later, Morah announced that there would be a big test the next day. Naomi was nervous for the rest of the day. How will I study? Shira called her after school and said, “I saw you were very nervous today when Morah announced the test. I’ll help you study.” Shira explained very patiently and clearly the material on the test. Naomi began to understand it. The next day, at recess, Shira was standing on the side of the yard while Naomi started a game of Machanayim. Naomi ignored Shira. “After all, I am not her friend anymore.” Shira asked Naomi if she could play. Naomi looked at her and said, “No. We are in the middle of the game. You can’t play.” Shira looked at Naomi with a shocked expression on her face. She turned her back and walked away.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


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By Esti Samel “My birthday is in only three more weeks!” screamed Chavi. “And this year my birthday party is going to be the best!” she boasted. “We’re going to go bowling and get ice cream,” Chavi exclaimed in joy. Aliza, on the other hand, really wanted to be invited. So, she decided on a plan. The next morning, she came to school and went over to Chavi. “Oh, how pretty you look,” she said. Then, by recess, she came over to her and offered her snack. This went on for two weeks. Now, it was a week before Chavi’s birthday and she was giving out the invitations. Everyone was eyeing whoever got invited. Finally, she passed by Aliza and slipped an envelope on her desk. “Phew,” all of her hard work was for something. The day of the party came and Aliza was really excited. She went to the bowling ally. There were balloons and streamers all over the place. When the party was over, Aliza went home. A few months later, when Aliza made a party, she didn’t even invite Chavi. She wasn’t Chavi’s friend anymore.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


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By Chaviva Martin You have a classmate who you get into a lot of fights with. One day, you hear that she is head of a play. You really want to be the main part. So, you start acting nice to her when you really don’t like her. You hear that you got the main part. After the play, you forget about her.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


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By Hodaya Bentyaghoub One day, Dina came to school in her new school shoes. Everybody always wanted those shoes. So, everybody started being friends with Dina. She never used to be as popular as she was now. One day, everyone found out that Dina’s shoes were not really hers. They were her cousin’s. From then on, everybody stopped being friends with Dina. Everything changed. Dina wasn’t popular anymore. Everyone went back to the people they used to be friends with. Dina was all down. Everybody was nice to Dina, but not anymore. A good friend is not friends with you because of what you have. Everyone took advantage of Dina because of her shoes. Nobody took advantage of her heart.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


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By Shira Frenkel “Hi, my parents are going away can I stay with you for today?” Atara just asked me if she could stay at my house. She is the most popular girl in school. “Yeah, but I’ll need to ask my mother,” I said in excitement. I watched Atara go back to her popular group. Knock, knock. “That must be Atara,” I thought. “I’ll get the door.” “Hi, Malky. I like your house.” I think she is trying to be my friend. I think tomorrow she will let me be in her group. “So, what do you want to do?” Atara said, interrupting my thoughts. The next day at school, Atara pretended like she never met me. After all I did for her, she betrayed me. “Atara don’t you remember you stayed by me? We had so much fun?” I wanted to scream, but walked away instead.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


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By Rosie Edelman Leah was having a math test the next day. She was doing poorly in math. She called up one girl, Tamar, who is great in math. She didn’t really like Tamar, but if she wanted to get 100 then she had no choice. Leah studied all night on the phone with Tamar. She got 100 on the test. In a week from the math test, they were having a Chumash test. Since the math test, Leah was giving Tamar snacks and playing with her in recess. When it came to the Chumash test, they stayed on the phone and studied. A few months went by and summer camp was starting. Tamar asked Leah if she wanted to sign up to be in camp with her and hang out during summer. Leah’s response was not a all what Tamar expected. She said she would rather eat mud then hang out with Tamar. Tamar couldn’t believe what Leah said. That was not a true friend.