Jewish Values on Friendship

By Michelle Saka One day, Jacqueline was getting bullied a lot. When Shelly was eating her snack she suddenly paused and said, “Stop.” Shelly walked down the street with Jacqueline. As they were walking Jacqueline said, “Boy am I hungry.” “Well, here, I have some money,” said Shelly. “Let’s go to the ice cream truck, its right by the playground.” “Ok,” Jacqueline replied. The next day Shelly was very hungry and she had no money for any food. “Jacqueline, can I please have some snack?” “No! NO! NO!” replied Jacqueline. “Why not? I gave you yesterday,” replied Shelly. “Well, no,” insisted Jacqueline. Shelly was thinking to herself, “Wow, I can’t believe that she used me like that. Shelly started to cry.

Stories to Build Friendship

By Daniel Tawil Jacob wanted snack from Liam. Jacob became friendly with Liam, so he can have snack. Liam gave snack to Jacob and Jacob was nice to Liam. The next day Jacob was organizing a league. Liam came over thinking, he made Jacob his friend, and asked Jacob if he could play. Jacob said to Liam, “No.” Liam realized that Jacob blinded him of reality. Jacob was a person who takes and takes and never gives. Jacob should have let Liam play and make Liam his friend and not take advantage of him. Jacob was the one suffering, because he doesn’t know how to be a real friend.

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By David Saka You have a friends and he helped you with your homework. He helps you for a long time because he cares about you. You are out for lunch. Two people ask you for money. First friend is your best friend. Second friend helped you. If you give money to your best friend, than you didn’t pay back to the friend who helped you.
A good friend is someone who cares about you, understands you, and doesn’t judge you. He is caring, giving. You have a test coming up after lunch. Your friend knows that you don’t understand the material for the test. He is very nice and he helps you out during lunch. You benefit from having true friendship because you have someone to rely on and someone to play with.

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By Rose Mishaan The quality I think is the most important is having a positive attitude. If you have a positive attitude anything can get done. For example, if it’s raining outside and you wanted to go to the park, a positive person would say, “We’ll get out boots and jump in the puddles instead.” Even though it wasn’t what was planned, they still made the best out of it. If there aren’t enough supplies for the project, then think of another way to get it done. With a positive attitude, you can get the job done.

Jewish Values on Accepting Criticism – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Gabrielle Dweck You are the judge in a competition that our friend entered. It is a cooking competition. It’s your friend’s turn to come up to the judges to see what they thought of her dish. You thought that it wasn’t cooked well and needed more salt. So, you told your friend that. Wow! She handled the criticism so well! You think to yourself, “That is such a good inner quality.”

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By Eleanor Steinberg One day I was playing basketball with my friends. I hit my head on something and my nose was bleeding. It was 2 days before my Bat Mitzvah. I was scared that I broke it. I was looking forward to my Bat Mitzvah a whole year. I was so scared. But I felt bad for the person who did it to me. I tried my best not to cry or over exaggerate. When people asked me what happened, I would just say that the ball hit my in my face, so noone would get embarrassed. After it all happened, I got back up and played my best after school. My friend called me and said, “I feel so bad. What can I do to help you?” I said, “I’m fine, don’t worry. I’m sorry if you feel bad.” That’s how I was brave.

Jewish Core Values on Positive Attitude – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Sari Kassin There was a girl named Lori. One day, she woke up early in the morning to make her bus for school. She put on her uniform and went downstairs. But, as she was walking down the steps, she fell and hurt her leg. She got up and went to eat her breakfast. As she opened the cabinet, she realized that her favorite breakfast wasn’t there. She said to herself, “it’s ok I will eat something else.” When she got to school, she realized that she was having a test that day and she forgot to study. She thought to herself, “Everything happens for a reason. I will probably do a good job anyway.” By thinking positive all the time you will be happier.

From the Torah to Be Resilient – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Lillie Galapo   I was in camp two years ago and I tried out for the play Annie. I was hoping to be the lead, but I sang and acted so badly. I ended up being an extra. I was crying for two weeks. I didn’t want to be in the play. But I was convinced to do it and it was fun. So when I tried out for the play Peter Pan, I was Wendy- one of the main characters! I was so surprised. I thanked everyone who helped and convinced me, especially Hashem. I will never give up again.

Short Story for Kids on Anger Management – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Shimmy Cohen   A trait that I think is important is anger management. One time one boy tripped and fell on another boy who was eating a slice of pizza. When the boy who tripped got up, the boy who was eating pizza looked at his shirt. There was a huge sauce stain on his white shirt. The boy who fell got up and looked at the mess he caused feeling embarrassed. The quality of anger management helped this boy overcome his anger. After the boy who tripped said sorry, the boy did not scream. He said, “It’s fine. It wasn’t your fault.” This made both boys feel good. This gives off a feeling of kindness and friendliness.

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By David Saka   One Monday morning the Mesader asked me to be Chazan for Nishmat. I said, “Well, I don’t know it that well.” But I did it anyway. While I was a chazzan, I made 20 mistakes and I was stuttering. Everyone was laughing at me. At the end of Tefilah, I was very sad. But, my best friend Elliot Serouya told me, that I was good, but I need to study it and read it much better. The next week, I was a chazzan and everyone thought I was going to be bad, but I changed and read it beautifully. At the end everybody shook my hand. I was so happy that Elliot helped me.

Jewish Values on Positive Attitude – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Terri Saka The bus was beeping and Leah was rushing to catch the bus. When she got outside, the bus already left. Leah was running so fast that she tripped in the mud. She just shook it off and she caught up to the bus. When she got to school, someone was making fun of her.  Leah pretended like she didn’t hear it. In math, she got her test back and she got 65%. She was very mad on the inside but on the outside she still had her positive attitude. The rest of the day she was happy on the inside and outside. This shows when someone is having a bad day you can stay in a bad mood on the inside but always be happy on the outside. What do you know? Your day might just get better.

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By Joe Mamiye   One time a boy on the middle school hockey team was put into a game to score the game’s winning goal. The problem was that he didn’t score the goal and the game went to a shootout. This boy was supposed to also score the game winning goal in the shootout goal. The coach of the team told him that, “It doesn’t matter that you didn’t score before, forget about the past. We need you now. Get out there and win the game for us.” This boy went out there with a positive attitude and sure enough he scored and won the game for his team.

Teen Stories to Build Resilience – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Adele Saka   Miriam was on stage overcoming her stage freight. There were about 100 people watching her as she just stood there. She tried letting her voice out but nothing came out. She stood there until the backstage crew had to come out to get her and apologize to the audience. Months later, after Miriam had taken more lessons and performed in front of her family and small audience, she went back up on the same stage, except this time she was stronger. As she sang the last word there was not one person sitting and not clapping.

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By Gayle Zagha  An 8th grade boy is in a lower math track. But he is really trying to do better. He practices and practices during all of his free time and yet he still fails his quizzes. Everyone keeps telling him to stop trying, “you’re never going to get any better. You’re not smart.” He started to believe it. So he stopped trying, and kept on failing. After a while, he thought to himself, “Wait, I shouldn’t listen to his. I can pass.” The night before his next quiz he studied for hours. During the quiz, he kept thinking to himself, “I can do this, I can do this. I will do this.” When he got his quiz back he was scared to look. He covered the grades and closed his eyes. Finally he opened his eyes and uncovered the grade. He got a 95%. He was so proud and so was his teacher. From then on he wouldn’t listen to what others’ would say about him. Only what he thought of himself.

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By Gabrielle Dweck  There was once a girl names Emma. Emma just got a new job at her dream office, working as a designer in a high end company. She was the new girl. Most of the employees stayed clear of her. She kept trying and trying to become part of the clique, but they ignored her. One day she was finally invited to have lunch break with them. She got some coffee and started to walk towards the table where all the employees were sitting. Just as she was about to reach her seat, she tripped and spilled her boiling hot coffee all over the table and the meanest employee there, the queen bee, Jacqueline. Everybody jumped up and screamed at her. Jacqueline told her that she blew her chances with them and she would stop at nothing to get her fired. Jacqueline also told Emma, she probably couldn’t design one nice piece of clothing. The next day, Emma came in to work and the boss told her she was selected to design a new line of clothing. Emma told herself, she could do it. And she would prove to herself and everybody else that she deserved to be here. She went on to make a line the boss loved and became the top employee and made friends.