Jewish Values on Teamwork – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Adina Cohen There was a girl named Rose. Rose is very good at writing plays. One day, Rose asked Rhonda to act in her play. Rhonda was not good at acting but she wanted to be in the spotlight. She stole all the credit from Rose because she didn’t compliment Rose for writing the play. I think you should always compliment the hidden talent because in this story, if it wasn’t for Rose, Rhonda wouldn’t be able to act it out.

Never be embarrassed to do a mitzvah – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Maurice Djmal  A few boys were going out to eat at a non-kosher restaurant. One boy was scared to ask them to eat at a kosher restaurant instead. So, he went along with them and didn’t say anything. A month later, he was with the same friends again and they were going to a non-kosher restaurant again. This time he didn’t want to sin and said that he didn’t want to eat there. His friends said they didn’t care and were going there anyway. But, then, one of his friends said he also doesn’t like to eat there and he was afraid to speak up till now. Both of the boys went to a kosher restaurant together.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

Develop Character of Resilience – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Max Setton    We all aspire to accomplish goals in our lives. It’s up to us to decide whether those goals will be accomplished. My mother always repeats the same thing to me, “Whether you say you can or you can’t, you right either way.” This is a very powerful line because it’s telling me that I can accomplish anything I want to as long as I say to myself that I can do it. One of my main goals is to get into Penn St. University. I get very discouraged when I get a low test grade back. I feel like I have already ruined my chances of making my goal a reality. But I have to keep going at it and hustling for what I meant to achieve. The end result will be even greater that I can imagine.

Jewish Values on Learning from Failure – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Raymond Cohen   When Bill was in 9th grade his whole life changed. He was that class clown who always fooled around in elementary school. It was his first year in high school and he wanted to change his act and start doing well in school. His goal was to get into honors and go to a good college. So he started to work hard and changed his attitude. He began to get decent grades. But, then he got his math test back and he failed. His whole class saw what he got. He felt foolish. His confidence and motivation went down. He began to fail and became like his old self. So, after a few months of fooling around and being the class clown he said to himself, “That’s enough. I can succeed. One failure will not stop me.” He began to work hard. He got hundreds on his the tests. Like they say, “They biggest success comes from the greatest failures.”

Torah Values on Overcoming Failure – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Nancy Tobias    I went to my new friend’s’ house for the first time. I was really excited and anxious. We decided to go to the park. We went with her whole family. In the park, I fell and really hurt my foot. I didn’t want to cry in front of the whole family, I was really embarrassed. I ended up spraining my foot badly. Coming to school I was on crouches. I was very embarrassed from the story. I thought everyone would make fun of me. So, I decided I was going to laugh about it. When telling the story I made it into a joke. People started laughing with me instead of at me. Instead of calling my loser they called me funny. I realized that because I was so nervous to hang out with my new friend, I ended up hurting myself. Next time, I know I’ll be calm.

How to Have Courage – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Claudine Chehova    When I was in 7th grade, there was a 7th grade play. All of my friends used to think it was weird to be in the play but I was scared they would make fun of me. I told one of my friends and she laughed at me. I thought to myself, “Why should I care what they think?” So, I joined. I went to all the rehearsals and when I was in practice, I made so many new friends. When it was the night of the play, I was scared. I looked on the audience and I saw all of my friends cheering me on. After the show, I went and I spoke to them. They told me that they wished they have joined because it looked like I was having a lot of fun. I’m glad I made the decisions to join the play. Now, not only do I have my old friends, but I made some new friends.

Character Trait of Persistence – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Emma Dayan      There was a girl. She was always a really shy person. She was also really smart and got good grades. In school she kept to herself and never spoke, just in case she was wrong. One day she was in class and the teacher asked a question to the class. The question was really had and the teacher said if someone can answer it they would get extra credit. The girl knew the answer from a research paper she did a while back but she was afraid to answer. She didn’t answer and lost the chance for the extra credit. A few years later, when she was in a class the teacher asked the same question as her teacher 2 years before asked. This time she had the courage to raise her hand and she answered the questions. The teacher was so impressed and since then she was not as shy. This girl missed out on many opportunities when she was young but she learned to gain confidence and never missed out on anything again.

How to Overcome Fear – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Dylan Sutton    There was once a little boy who was transferring to school. He was currently in 3rd grade with a lot of friends and would be moving during the summer going into 4th grade. During that summer, they boy was going to go to camp with all the brand new kids he has never met that will be in his school next year. The boy was nervous and feared he might fail and not become popular or might embarrass himself. As a result, the boy played shy the first few weeks of camp and realized it wasn’t doing him any good. (He didn’t make any friends yet) the boy then decided to overcome his fear and speak to the other kids in camp. They ended up loving him. Since the boy overcame his fears, he ended up becoming popular. If he didn’t overcome his fear, he would be the awkward loser in the crowd.

Jewish Values on Learning from Mistakes – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Rachel Chehova    Taking risks is important part of being successful in life. Taking risks requires being confidence and calm. In every situation a person should outweigh the pros and cons of taking the risk. A person should ask themselves, what’s the worst that could come out of taking this risk? In most situations, the most benefits could be conceived from taking the risk, rather than not. Not taking risks is an opportunity loss. People most constantly take risks, to open up opportunities in their life to be successful. For example, in order to make friends in life, you have to step outside your comfort zone, be confident and talk to people. If a person does that they can open up to people and gain success.

How to Overcome Fear – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Esther Cohen     When I was in 8th grade, I had to decide which high school I was going to attend. I was very uncertain because the next 4 years were going to direct me in to the college of my interests. I wanted to make sure I would be able to keep up with all the school work. Most of all, I wanted to make sure I had friends. I knew that I would have to make new friends but I was uncertain on how that would work out. When I spoke to my older brother who was in his junior year in high school he told me that the high school I was considering was the right choice for me. Once my friends started applying I knew that I would love it and have to apply.