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By Rochelle Menahem I was in science class and my teacher asked a question. I was so confident to answer it. My teacher called on me and I was so confident to answer it. I said it and got it wrong. I was so embarrassed. So, for a few days I didn’t raise my hand for anything. Then I realized that on my report card it’s going to say “Didn’t participate in class.” So, I started raising my hand. And even if I got something wrong, I didn’t stop. I ended up getting “Very Good Participation” on my report card.

Jewish Values on Friendship

By Clarisse Cohen “Help me,” Alison said acting all nervous. “Alexis, I didn’t do my homework,” Alison said. Alison rushed to Alexis and said, “Please help me.” Alexis knew it was Alison’s first time not doing homework so she gave her the worksheet. One week later, Alexis forgot to write down her homework. The next day, she asked Alison if she can copy the questions on the worksheet she forgot to do. Alison said, “No.” Alexis said, “It’s only one time,” while her face turned red as a watermelon. “No,” Alison said repeating it over and over.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

Jewish Values on Friendship

By Michelle Saka One day, Jacqueline was getting bullied a lot. When Shelly was eating her snack she suddenly paused and said, “Stop.” Shelly walked down the street with Jacqueline. As they were walking Jacqueline said, “Boy am I hungry.” “Well, here, I have some money,” said Shelly. “Let’s go to the ice cream truck, its right by the playground.” “Ok,” Jacqueline replied. The next day Shelly was very hungry and she had no money for any food. “Jacqueline, can I please have some snack?” “No! NO! NO!” replied Jacqueline. “Why not? I gave you yesterday,” replied Shelly. “Well, no,” insisted Jacqueline. Shelly was thinking to herself, “Wow, I can’t believe that she used me like that. Shelly started to cry.

Stories to Build Friendship

By Daniel Tawil Jacob wanted snack from Liam. Jacob became friendly with Liam, so he can have snack. Liam gave snack to Jacob and Jacob was nice to Liam. The next day Jacob was organizing a league. Liam came over thinking, he made Jacob his friend, and asked Jacob if he could play. Jacob said to Liam, “No.” Liam realized that Jacob blinded him of reality. Jacob was a person who takes and takes and never gives. Jacob should have let Liam play and make Liam his friend and not take advantage of him. Jacob was the one suffering, because he doesn’t know how to be a real friend.

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By Juliet Nasar When you have a bad day, like you failed a test, or you can’t concentrate on school. What do you do to bounce back or feel better? I go to school and try to get distracted with other things. Then when I come home everything is all better. One other thing I do is I think of the things that Hashem blessed me with like how my family can afford to buy me things, that I have some very good friends that always make me feel better, and that I’m not disabled. If you have someone who is mean or annoying and you can’t get rid of, then you should just change your point of view and think of things that are good about them. Then you should try to bring those good things out and let them shine.

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By Cerise Rishty Arielle had money to buy lunch. Mary forgot her money at home. Arielle had extra money left over. Mary went up to her and asked her if she could give her some money, so she could buy lunch. Arielle said, “Sure.” The next day Arielle left her money at home. But, Mary remembered to bring hers. When Arielle asked if she could burrow money, Mary said, “No.”

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By Nathan Botton There is someone in the grade who is rich. He has a big house and lots of fun video games. There is another boy who is not rich and does not have any video games. The boy wanted to be the rich boy’s friend just so he could go to the house and play the video games. One day, the rich boy didn’t bring snack and the other boy did. The boy thought, if I give him my snack, he will invite me over to his house. And he gave his snack to the wealthy kid. He said, “Do you want my snack?” The other boy said, “Yes. Thanks. Do you want to come over?” The manipulator is smart. But, he is missing the true joy of having a friend. The manipulator doesn’t have anyone to cheer him up when he is down. A sign of a good friend is when he is happy for you, not jealous. If a boy won a contest the other boy should be happy for him, inside as well as his expressions on the outside. He would not be angry or jealous that his friend beat him in a contest and won the prize. Also, a sign of a good friend is when they get into fight they forgive and forget quickly. If they get in a fight they don’t make a big deal about it.

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By Madison Mark    During a math class, everyone just got back their tests. Aly didn’t get a good grade. She tried to hide it but Caroline moved her hand away and announced the grade. Aly got upset. She thought to herself, “Am I going to be upset and cry or try to do better next time?” She looked towards Caroline, Carolina asked her, “What? Are you going to cry about it now?” “No,” Aly said, “I will just try to do better next time.”

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By Ziva Saada   When Joyce came back from soccer, she had a frown on her face. She said she was a loser. She told her mom, “I’m never going to play soccer again. Sign me out. I’m a failure.” Her mom told her that she was a smart girl and could do it. But Joyce said, “I missed the winning shot and everybody hates me.” The next day when she went to soccer, she didn’t have as much of confidence. Until she got the goal in and realized what she was doing. She realized that if you don’t do well on your first try, it’s ok, keep trying. You could do it.

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By David Saka You have a friends and he helped you with your homework. He helps you for a long time because he cares about you. You are out for lunch. Two people ask you for money. First friend is your best friend. Second friend helped you. If you give money to your best friend, than you didn’t pay back to the friend who helped you.
A good friend is someone who cares about you, understands you, and doesn’t judge you. He is caring, giving. You have a test coming up after lunch. Your friend knows that you don’t understand the material for the test. He is very nice and he helps you out during lunch. You benefit from having true friendship because you have someone to rely on and someone to play with.

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By Dina Huppert   Because of fear in class, I am unable to answer any questions. My hand slowly goes up, but the fear pulls it down. My mouth opens wide, by the fear shuts it close. Don’t let dear control you or you won’t get anywhere. Because of my fear of getting laughed at I wasn’t sure what I know and I don’t know, which made it hard to study. Don’t let fear conquer you like it conquered me.

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By Marlenn Sabbagh Sarah is a young girl who is afraid for any amusement park or roller coaster. She was 6, now she is 8, when her fear started. One day, Sarah’s best friends, Ana and Jane, came over to her house. Right away Ana said, “Hi, do you guys want to come with my mom and I to Six Flags?” “Sure,” relied Jane. Sarah knew that they would only go with her and knew that they loved rides but unfortunately for Sarah they girls didn’t know about her hidden secret and she wasn’t planning on telling them now. “Okay, let’s go.” Sarah said in a nervous way.

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By Isaac Tammam Brian is friends with Raymond. Brian isn’t really fiends with him, but he is using him. Raymond has just gotten the newest video game in town. Brian wants to play it. So he tries to compliment Raymond. Brian tries to persuade him to play the game. He persuades him by saying things like, “I’ll be your best friend.” Or “Please, just for 5 seconds.” Raymond would say ok and invite him over. They play the new game and then Brian would leave. The next day in school Brian might make fun of Raymond, because he already got to play the game. By the way, Raymond would turn out to be a kid with no friends.
I think having a true friend is the best feeling, because when you are down or sad he will pick you up and care for you. Also when you need help with understanding something, he will help you understand it. Another thing is a true friend wouldn’t talk bad about you behind your back.

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By Lauren Araman A way for me to bounce back is to think of my blessings. I am so lucky to have amazing parents. My mother is always there for me when I am having trouble. I have a caring father, that if I ever have an issue, he will always stick up for me. If I ever get a bad grade, my best friends Jill, Sari and Lauren S. will always be there to tell me, “It’s ok, you’ll do better next time.” I am blessed with so many things and I can never live without them.

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By Marcelle Sasson When something goes wrong for me, there are a lot of things that could cheer me up. But the best way to make me happy is to be with my friend. I remember, once I got in trouble with my friend because we were using our phones in school and we got it taken away. So, I got very mad and started crying and being mean to people. But, then I realized, “Why am I doing this?” So, I stopped crying and started saying apologies to my friends. So, they forgave me and started making me feel better. I realized that I shouldn’t worry because I am going to get my phone back. I am so happy I have friends and good family.

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By Rena Chaiklin When I am not so happy and kind of sad, I think of all the good things that I have, the things that I am proud of about myself. I think of the time when I had a good laugh with my friends. I think of that what happened to me-that it could’ve been worse. For example, once I came home with my friend and my brother kept following me around. He embarrassed me a lot. He was being very annoying. So, instead of getting angry at him, I kept turning everything around and contradicting everything he said. I changed the subject and made us all laugh.

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By Rose Mishaan The quality I think is the most important is having a positive attitude. If you have a positive attitude anything can get done. For example, if it’s raining outside and you wanted to go to the park, a positive person would say, “We’ll get out boots and jump in the puddles instead.” Even though it wasn’t what was planned, they still made the best out of it. If there aren’t enough supplies for the project, then think of another way to get it done. With a positive attitude, you can get the job done.

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By Sophia Rofe A good friend is someone who appreciates you. I made my friend a bracelet and she didn’t like it. But she told me ‘Thank you” and wore it anyway. A bad friend is someone who takes you for granted. One time, Lilly started a fight. She knew that Marcy would always make up anyway because Lilly was the only friend Marcy had. So, Lilly would always tell Marcy mean things and get away with it. That’s a bad friendship.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

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By Steven Gammal Picture this, one day, you and your friend are playing basketball. Your friend asks you, “Are you excited for the trip tomorrow?” You say, “Yeah, I have been looking forward to this trip for months.” Then your friends ask you,
“Are we sitting together in the bus?” And you say, “Definitely.” The next day, you go on the bus and you get a seat. A popular kid comes to you. He asks if he can sit with you. You say, “Of course.” You forgot about your friend who you promised the seat next to you. A few minutes later your friend comes and asks, “I thought you said yesterday we were sitting together on the bus?” You say, “Sorry. He was here first.” Your friend walks away and sits the whole ride alone. You have just lost your good friend.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


By Jake Bivas My friend asked me for review sheets a day before an important test. But, I also needed it. He kept on complimenting me and saying that I am so nice. The next day, at recess, I asked him if I could play basketball with him. He didn’t let me. He didn’t pay back. And, I didn’t get my review sheets back from him. When I asked him to give back my sheets, he said he lost it. It’s priceless to have a really good friend because your friend will be there for you in time of need. Your friend will be nice to you. Even if you and your friend fight, it gets over with faster and you forget and forgive each other.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

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By Chaim Wolf  Having goals is important in school and in life. Without goals, you don’t have an ending point and you just keep going. If you have goals, you work harder to get to that goal, whether it is being on the honor roll list, saving money to buy something new like an Ipod, cell phone, etc. By setting your goals you will be successful in school and in life.

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By Elliot Serouya Jack was a very smart kid and Morris wasn’t so smart. Morris was trying to be friends with Jack at lunch time. They became friends and Morris asked Jack is he could help him study for the Chumash test. Jack said yes. So they went to Jack’s house to study after school. Jack was explaining the Chumash to him for a very long time. The next day when they took the test they both did very well. During recess they were playing football. Jack asked Morris if he could play. Morris was ignoring him. Jack got very mad and was yelling at him that Morris was using him. After recess Morris felt very bad so he told Jack, that from now on whenever they play, Jack can play every time. Morris wanted to prove that he is a true friend.

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By Gabrielle Dweck You are the judge in a competition that our friend entered. It is a cooking competition. It’s your friend’s turn to come up to the judges to see what they thought of her dish. You thought that it wasn’t cooked well and needed more salt. So, you told your friend that. Wow! She handled the criticism so well! You think to yourself, “That is such a good inner quality.”

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By Yvonne Mizrahi Shelly is a very quiet girl. She is very good at sports. One day, loud and popular girl Lauren was in a tennis tournament and needed a partner. Lauren decided to ask Shelly because she is good at sports. Shelly agreed and practiced with Lauren every day. She also taught her how to do a volley, and helped her with her backhand. Finally, the day of the tournament was here and Shelly and Lauren won the whole tournament. The next day at school, Lauren decided to make a club. When Shelly asked to be in it, Lauren denied. Shelly felt terrible. The problem is that Shelly had just helped Lauren with her tennis and helped her win the tournament. Lauren had not acted very generously back to Shelly. The least she could have done was let her in the club. A bad friend uses others. A good friend cares for others.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

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By Terry Jemal If someone goes to Six Flags with their friends and a girl is scared to go on the scary ride, they shouldn’t be scared because they are ruining it for themselves. They should go on that ride. If someone believes in Hashem that he will protect you, it’s all in his hands. We shouldn’t make ourselves all nervous and work ourselves up. Once they go on the ride they will say “That was fun” and she will be happy once she conquers her fears. If we get scared about something we think of all nonsense in our head because we are making ourselves crazy. We shouldn’t do that. It won’t do anything in life. We can’t get anywhere if we have fear about every little thing. You can’t think right if you have fear about something.

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By Eleanor Steinberg One day I was playing basketball with my friends. I hit my head on something and my nose was bleeding. It was 2 days before my Bat Mitzvah. I was scared that I broke it. I was looking forward to my Bat Mitzvah a whole year. I was so scared. But I felt bad for the person who did it to me. I tried my best not to cry or over exaggerate. When people asked me what happened, I would just say that the ball hit my in my face, so noone would get embarrassed. After it all happened, I got back up and played my best after school. My friend called me and said, “I feel so bad. What can I do to help you?” I said, “I’m fine, don’t worry. I’m sorry if you feel bad.” That’s how I was brave.

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By Sharon Tawil A positive trait that a friend could have is keeping a secret. If your friend tells you a secret and said not to tell anybody, the next day don’t just think that since it’s a new day you could tell everybody. If your friend cares about it, don’t make her regret being your friend. If she tells you a secret, it means that she trusts you.

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By Estelle Obnona One upon a time there were two girls, Nina and Louisa. Louisa always thought she was cool and popular. So every day she bragged about her iphone, ipod, ipad and apple tv. She was the most popular girl in the 6th grade. Nina was not so cool and pretty. One day, the 6th grade was doing a play. Nina made a mistake. When she made the mistake, it was the dress rehearsal. The next day at the real play Louisa planned to make Nina mess up even more. Nina was very embarrassed. All her friends were laughing at her. But her best friend went over to her and told her, “Don’t worry.” She felt better.

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By Alana Gindi One day Marielle needed help doing schoolwork in class. She was upset because there was a test on that subject the next day. Another girl, named Susan, said to Marielle, “I saw you needed help. Can I help you?” Marielle said, “Sure, thank you!” Susan sat at her desk and helped her with the grammar problems. Marielle said, “Thank you. I am going to do great on my test.” The next day the test came. Marielle was ready. She took the test and felt confident. She said she did well. Susan saw that the teacher wrote on the board math problem. Susan asked Marielle to help her and Marielle said, “No.”

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By Frieda Sasson Sometimes, when people have friends over for a sleepover, the next morning you might want to do netilat yadayim and pray but you are worried about what people will think. You think that they might make fun of you if you pray. But, you shouldn’t think about what other people think when you are doing a mitzvah and doing the right things. But, when you are doing a wrong thing, you should care about what other people think. Don’t fear to do the right thing. Be yourself and that’s all that matters.

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By Sophie Greenberg Two girls were out in a park. One was Anastasia and the other, Katie. Anastasia was a very quite girl but sometimes she would try to talk. Katie was always talking; she talked and talked and talked. One time, when Anastasia was talking, Katie came up and interfered in her conversations. But, Anastasia kept on talking. Katie was wondering why Anastasia kept talking. It’s important to have good friends because you have someone you can learn from so you could be a better friend.