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By Teddy Lozieh  When you approach a friend and you are not that cool looking or strong, they might not like you. They even can bully and make fun of you. So, when you try to make a friend try to be confidence and be yourself and if you are not comfortable with them you try to make another friend. You are not going to have friends if you are not being confident and you will be left out.

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By Moshe Lati When kids get left out they fell hurt. When your friend gets jealous, he will try to show off or to act cooler than you. When you post a picture on instagram and it gets 100 likes he’ll get jealous and try to get more likes. Also some kids get jealous when they see their friends with a new iphone they want a new iphone.

Jewish Stories to Build Courage – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Adina Aosi    What would life be like without a challenge or without any risk? I have always been scared to come out of my comfort zone. One day I had enough of my mean friends. Each day I went home with a sad heart. I have decided then, that I am going to take a risk and get out of my comfort zone and try to make new friends. The next day I started talking to new girls and realized that I feel so happy that I got out of my comfort zone and talked to new people. Don’t wait to take risks! Go out and grab them.

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By Lily Betesh   I have a friend in school who is always shy because she is afraid of what people would think of her. She almost always knows the right answer but will never raise her hand because she doesn’t want anyone to laugh at her. Because she is afraid, she is missing out on the class recognizing how smart she really is. I think if she overcame her fear and spoke up in class, it would be good for her and would raise her confidence.

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By Vivian Elias A girl was very scared of many things. The one fear that held her back was her fear of making new friends. When she moved to a new school, she lost her old friends and was too scared to make new ones. She was scared to be rejected. They wanted to be her friends, but she was scared that soon they would reject her. She lost out on making new friends and she graduated school without friends and became anti-social. If she didn’t have the fear in the first place, she could’ve had friends.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

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By Freida Zeitoune    Sarah is a high school honors students. She has been in the same class since second grade with the same friends in it. But she wanted something new. She always wanted to hang out with the ‘popular’ crowd. She sometimes ditched her real friends to hang out with people who didn’t recognize her for who she is. Her fear of being lonely and unpopular blinded her from people who cared about her. It took Sarah a full year to realize that the ‘popular’ crew, the crowd she wanted to be part of, didn’t care for her. They couldn’t see her talents and her knowledge. When she finally realized where she belonged, it was too late. It was hard for her real original friends to take her back. Sarah’s fear of not being popular, ironically, left her with no friends at all.

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By Eddie Zeitoune If I was the coach, to make a basketball team, I would make everyone try everything to see who is good at what. I would tell them they are all good but I would make it fair, I would put someone who is good and not so good. It’s not nice to make anyone feel bad so I would pick even someone who is not so good at basketball. I don’t care if I would end up losing. I know I made someone feel good.

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By Yakov Elias Michael was at Robert’s house. Michael used his laptop, enjoyed comfortable couches ate good food. In school, when they were making basketball teams, the other captain didn’t pick Robert and Michael did the same. They didn’t pick him because Robert wasn’t a good player. Robert went to sit on a bench and started crying. Michael saw him and just ignored him. That is a sign of a bad friend.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


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By Moshe Lati   Who knows that moment when there are 3 seconds of the game and your team is counting on you to take the game’s winning shot? Well I do. I had the ball in my hands and I was so nervous. The one thing I was thinking was let’s say I made the shot, the whole crowd would be going nuts! But, I also thought lets say I missed that shot, my whole team would be screaming at me or they will never trust me to take the last shot. I had the ball with 3 seconds. I shot…and I missed. My team didn’t scream at me. They told me, “Its ok. We all make mistakes. People learn from their mistakes.” I felt good, really good. But, now, the second time, are my teammates are going to trust me to take the game’s winning shot? I am not going to be scared or nervous. I am going to be strong. The truth is when you’re nervous; you’re most likely to screw up. But, if you stay strong and believe in yourself, I guarantee you’re going to succeed. Failing at something is good because you learn from your mistakes and that is what makes you succeed.

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By Moshe Lati  In order to live a happy life you need to be successful. Successful is when someone who had an embarrassing moment or experience in their life, but is still trying, someone who is no giving up. Who forgets about the past and starts fresh, a person who learns from his mistakes and tries again the second time, with confidence. For example, Sara has a goal to be a singer. She believed that she will be a good singer. But, when she was performing she saw so many people staring at her. She forgot the song. But did she give up? No. Later on there was another performance. She learned the song and learned from her mistakes. She started fresh, new and was confident in herself. That’s what I call a winner – a person who keeps on pushing and pushing until they get it right, a person who gets up when she falls.