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By Mollie Grinberg Claire gulped in paralyzing fear. It was a cloudy Sunday morning. The day that her parents planned to go rock climbing in the southeast, far away from her hometown in Virginia. “Claire, are you ready?” Claire snapped out of her daze. “Yeah, I guess so…”Her mother bent down to comfort her child. “You don’t have to go, honey,” her mother said. Claire hesitated. She would climb that mountain, even if it was the last thing she did. “Er, mom, can I go first. To get it over with?” A smile formed on her mother’s face. “Okay, if you really want to.” Soon, Claire was strapped tight to her harness and was ready to go. She started climbing fast to the top of the mountain. Halfway up, she looked down and gulped. From 3 feet in the air, she looked back up confident and continued to climb. At one point past the three quarter mark, one of the rocks broke and she dangled from one hand, clutching on to the rock. She was terrified and wanted to give up. But she couldn’t and climbed up all the way to the top. She grinned over the peak. She did it. Keep trying, and don’t give up. Just keep climbing the ladder of success.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

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By Jack Ashkenazi People have friends who take advantage because kids want to be in a group of popular kids and use their rich gadgets. A sign of a good friend is if they keep your secrets and don’t use you. A sign of a bad friend is when they use you if you’re rich or they want to have more friends even though they don’t really like you.

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By Sarah Horowitz  Last summer all of my friends went to a sleep away camp for the whole summer. I felt that if I didn’t go I would feel very left out. I ended up staying home and going to a different camp. I didn’t know anyone in that new camp. I was afraid that I wouldn’t fit in because I was nervous that I might get rejected. That first week I went I had the best time. I made so many new friends and I kept on going more weeks so I can have the best summer ever. I learned that you always have to put yourself out there and be brave because you never know what might happen.

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By Alan Mograby    A man used to go to the same restaurant for lunch every time he went out to eat. He would order the same pasta dish every time he went. Then, he met a girl and they dated for six months before he proposed to her. Three months later they got married. The Sunday after their honeymoon the couple wanted to go out for lunch and the man suggested the restaurant he always went to. However, his wife said that he always goes there and needs to try a new place. Now, they are an old couple that never goes to the same restaurant more than once.

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By Pam Cohen      Jane and Sarah were shopping in the city and Jane loved a pair of shoes that Sarah hated. Jane was scared to buy them in front of Sarah. She put a hold on them and asked her mom to buy them later. A few days after Sarah and Jane were looking at a magazine and all the stars were wearing hose shoes. Jane was so excited that she had bought them because now that they debuted in the magazine they were sold out everywhere and impossible to find. You should be yourself and like your own style. Be who you want to be.

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By Evelyn Tawil  Everyone wants acceptance. When you are afraid, you lose opportunities you would be able to take if you weren’t afraid. When you take a look at teens, you can pinpoint at least one fear – fear of not being accepted. Nobody wants to be rejected, alone, or not included. You could be very talkative to one of your close friends but, when presented in front of someone foreign, you sometimes get shy. Why does this happen? Why do you suddenly bottle up and close the doors to people you haven’t even met? The reason for this is uncertainty. That feeling of not knowing how you should act. You have to face your fears head on so you don’t lose the opportunity to make new friends while simultaneously remaining true to yourself. Only then will you be truly happy with yourself and remove yourself from the burden of fear.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

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By Laurie Haber  Sarah wanted to be an interior designer. She worked so hard to prepare for her first client. All through her first appointment, Sarah was so excited she didn’t let her client say what he wanted. Sarah kept on rambling on and on about how she wanted the house and what she imagined the house to become. After the first appointment, Sarah’s client called and kindly said that they did not need her services anymore. Sarah wondered what she did wrong. She realized that she did not let her client talk. Sarah fixed her mistakes and became a very successful interior designer.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

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By Joseph Balassiano  I was always afraid to raise my hand in class. I always thought the other kids would think that I’m stupid because I was afraid that my answer was wrong. I was afraid and I limited myself to strive in class by not contributing myself to it. I lost myself because from this fear I started to lose my confidence in other places too like with my friends, family and social life. When I realized what I was doing, and to myself, I decided to change. First I would make sure my answer was right. So that I wouldn’t be afraid. Second I made sure to do that all the time. With these two policies I broke my fear and comfort zone. I soon gained confidence in other places also. I’m so happy I did this because I wouldn’t’ have made so many friends or done the things I do today to stand out and show who I really am.

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By Victoria Gindi     Sarah went to Great Adventures with all her friends. Sarah would go on any ride except for King Da Ka, the fastest roller coaster in the world. When all of her friends wanted to go on it Sarah had an important decision to make. Would she overcome her fear and just go on the ride, or would she sit out for it? Sarah ended up chickening out. She waiting for her friends on the side. They tried to convince her and told her it would be fun. Sarah waited alone for a long time because the ride had a very long line. Finally her friends returned laughing and smiling. Sarah felt very left out. Her friends kept talking about how fun the ride was. They said it was the funnest part of the whole trip. Sarah regretted her decision and decided that next time she is in this situation she will overcome her fear and try it. If she doesn’t try it she’ll never know if she would like it or have a great time. The next year she went on it and she really enjoyed the experience and the time she spent with her friends.

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By Joyce Terzi  Rebecca was so excited she was going on Sunday to Great Adventure with all of her friends. All weekend she was excited to go and couldn’t wait for Sunday to arrive. When the girls arrived at the park all they were talking about was all the scary rides they wanted to go on. Rebecca felt very bad because she had a fear of rides. She asked her friends if they could go on a few rides that weren’t as scary. However they said they did not want to waste their time on those baby rides. Rebecca felt very hurt inside. While all her friends were going on all the scary rides she waited on the side of the ride till they got off. While they were all saying how much fun they had, Rebecca regretted that she didn’t face her fear and just go on the ride. She regretted the fact that she was too afraid to go on the ride and wasted her whole day. Rebecca learned that sometimes in life it is important to take risk and face our fears.

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By Lily Madeb     When you have fears you lose an opportunity. The idea of fear is not doing something because you’re scared. On order to acquire these opportunities, we need to take risks. We risk rejection and humiliation but we could also gain success from these risks. Taking risks is considered a ‘win-win’. If it doesn’t work out we gain experience and wisdom and if we succeed we gain happiness and that’s more than what we could ask for.

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By Albert Richter   My goal was to win a basketball championship on the school basketball team. This year we were favored to be a favorite team. We played amazing all season and went to playoffs. It was a championship day and I was very nervous. We were playing a team that was much bigger than us. I knew it would be a huge challenge for us to win the game. Throughout the game we always kept fighting no matter what the score was. We ended up losing the game. I was devastated and didn’t know how I was ever going to play, knowing we were so close but didn’t close the deal. After sitting on the floor all depressed I realized that even after a loss you can’t give up. You have to learn from your mistakes. Watch the games over, see what you can change so that next time you are in that scenario you can win it all. The key to success in basketball is to never give up. Always fight until the final buzzer because if you do this, you can win.

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By Jacob  Hedaya In school, my teacher in social studies class announced that she will make groups in the class and each group will have to research and make a project on their tribe that she will assign. My group and I decided to make a poster and a slide show. We worked for a long time but everyone did something perfectly. From drawing to gluing, printing to cutting, finding picture to setting up the slide show and so on. It was a great success and in the end we were all very proud of ourselves and we knew that if it wasn’t for all of us together we never would have made it as good as it was.

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By Sara Halwani One day a girl, named Gabrielle, came home from school and told her mom that she is the director of the school play. Her mom spoke to her about choosing the right actors to star in the play. Gabrielle thought about it before she had the talk with her mom and said to herself that she would pick her best friend shelly for the star of the show. But her mom said, “It wouldn’t be nice to do that because there are other girls that have hidden talents and would want to be the star of the play.” Gabrielle said, “Ok,” and went to school. She was planning to pick her best friend Shelly automatically for the part but she listened to her mother’s advice and had an audition for the play. One of the shyest girls in the school became the most popular girl because Gabrielle picked her for the lead role.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

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By Joseph Ezon People choose friends that take advantage of them because they want money, toys, to be in a big house, be popular and try to be cool. The sign of a good friend is if you get in a fight with someone and he is on your side. Also, if he includes you in everything and tells people to include you as well. A bad friend is someone who is nice to you and mean to everyone else.

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By Joyce Betesh One day, a new girl arrived to school. The “It girls” (the popular girls) went over to her to see who she was. They asked her, “Who are you?” The new girl answered, “Hello, to you too. My name is Jessica. What are your names?” “We call ourselves the ‘It girls’.” Jessica was confused. Then a girl came up to her and said, “Don’t mind them. They have a mind of their own. My name is Alison, but you could call me Ally.” The new girl said, “Hey Ally. My name is Jessica. Let me see your classes.” Jessica showed her classes to Ally. Ally said, “Looks like we have the same classes.” The bell rang. “Let’ s go to class,” said Jessica. After school, the “It girls” came up to Jessica and one of them said, “Come to my house after school.” Jessica told Ally she won’t be able to make it to do her homework together. Ally understood. When she went to the “It girls” house, no one was there. Then she saw them standing on the balcony and they threw a pie at her. Jessica felt so embarrassed. Then the “It girls” gave their homework to her and told her to do it for them or else the video they just took will be all over the internet. Jessica ran home as quickly as she could crying hysterically. Jessica told her mom what happened. The next day, the “It girls” came up to her and gave her more homework to do. When Ally saw this, she yelled at them, “You cannot do this to people. It’s not nice.” The “It girls” realized it was wrong and apologized. After a while, they became friends and were now called by their regular names.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

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By Isaac Shalom  My goal is to be a famous author when I grow up. The problem is I am a terrible writer and I have a stage fright. I went to perform I got stage fright and froze up. However, even though I froze up, I refused to give up. I kept performing regardless of my stage fright until I got better. I learned from my mistakes that I had to practice even more.

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By: Charles Grossman When you are facing a challenge not to let it affect you
When you are growing up we are taught to have emunah or faith in Hashem the key to dealing with stressful challenges is to make sure that you prepare yourself as best you can for the challenge, and in the back of your mind always know that Hashem will make sure you do great and guide you in the right path. The key to success is never thinking that you can do things based on your own power but instead we should believe that Hashem is our partner and together we can do anything and face any challenge


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By Eddie Catton  During my first time ice skating, I fell tons of times. I really wanted to start playing ice hockey. After my first time ice skating, I felt very frustrated. But, I thought to myself, every professional was once a beginner. All these famous players in the professional leagues all had a start. And they kept on trying and never gave up. So, the next time I went skating, I tried my hardest not to stay frustrated. Then, I started to skate like a natural! I learned a great lesson that day. At first, things might be hard for you to do, but never give up on them.