Jewish Values on Positive Attitude

By Sarit Hara I am always sad because I am not talented. But, I tried lots of things such as art, knitting, swimming, basketball, football, gymnastics and doing nails. So, one day my aunt came and asked me to do her hair. I said, “I am not good at it.” She said, “Just try.” So, I did and it came out beautiful. I realized that it was always there for me. I have a talent. It’s all from Hashem. If you can’t find what you are good at, you should never give up because you are going to find it.

Stories to Build Teamwork – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Sharon Roubin If you are part of a dance and you are in the back, but your friend is in the front, you’ll most likely try to move up. But, then, everyone will get confused with their spots and the dance becomes a mess. So, now you don’t get the spotlight and neither does your friend. If you and your friend are trying to make a fruit basket for sick children, the designer gets the credit. But, she couldn’t have made it without someone buying those ripe, fresh looking fruits and someone picking that right basket to match the fruits. Maybe the designer knows how to do these things, but, thanks for all those people involved, they made the idea happen.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine