Bill Gates: Work hard for your dreams – there is no shortcut

During the first five years of Microsoft, he was not only in charge of running the business, but he also oversaw product development, taking it upon himself to rewrite code if need be.
As a younger man, he also frequently pulled all-nighters. One time, an employee came into work and found a man sleeping on the desk. She was going to call the police, but then realized the man was Bill Gates.

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  2. Work hard for success

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  4. take the highroad

  5. just do it

  6. Hard work pays off

  7. Money is a reflection of hard work

  8. Why can’t he take a break for Five minutes and enjoy the fresh air

  9. Hard work is the key to success

  10. Renee sasson 7th grade

    There is no shortcut to life

  11. Your ladder of success is waiting to be climbed!
    Follow your dreams

  12. Headline:Bill Gates:The Sky Is The Limit

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