Bill Gates: Innovation is the heart & soul of a business

The world keeps changing. To stay ahead of the game, or even to stay in the game, you have to keep innovating: innovate in your products, innovate in your process, innovate in the markets, etc.

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  1. You have to keep making your ideas better and quicker to be successful

  2. Good business contain innovation

  3. Innovation that excited

  4. Innovations change the world

  5. Heart and soul are your best friends.

  6. Michael d Mosseri

    Bill Gates invate the people proses and product

  7. Innovate for success

  8. Innovation is what keeps the world revolving.

  9. Their are never enouph ideas with money so let them keep coming.

  10. Money never stood iuts everlasting

  11. A way to be the best in the business life!!!

  12. Renee sasson 7th grade

    A head line for this is keep your head in the game

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