Bill Gates’ Dream:

Bill Gates believed that the personal computer was the future and that there should be one on every desktop and in the living room and it would change the way we work and how we live in unimaginable ways.

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  1. dreams come true you just gotta believe it

  2. Bill Gates accomplished his dream can you

  3. dreams can come true

  4. Dream big

  5. Believe in your thoughts

  6. Go with your heart.

  7. Dream small be big

  8. Yes that is true but Some people Will get to obsessed and use it for a long time even If it has Nothing to do with work

  9. That is true but Some people get to addicted and Will use it for a Very long time and get obsessed even If its not work related

  10. Giving up is the opposite of giving up

  11. Dreams grow.

  12. What’s your dream?!!! Inspiring,excited

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