Bill Gates: Changing the world

Bill Gates is a guy with all the money in the world, yet he showed up to work every day to change the world. He’s not a seeker of fame or a seeker of fortune, although he has both.
He has given some $28 billion to charity over the past five or six years. Rather than just retire and play with his money, he focuses his time, energy, and resources on making a better world through innovative approaches.

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  1. Be a leader 🚶‍♀️Not a follower🚶🚶

  2. the poor needs ur money.

  3. bill gates changes the world with his monet

  4. bill gates : a life changing experience

  5. Change is strange

  6. Helping for a better cause

  7. The world needs your word.

  8. Headline: Making The World A Better Place

  9. 28 billion dollars

  10. The charity giver

  11. Making a difference is changing the world datya by day

  12. Renee sasson 7th grade

    Change the world with happiness not money

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