Bill Gates: It’s not about ideas, it’s about execution.

Take action.  Execute.  The problem isn’t a shortage of ideas, it’s execution.  Lots of people have ideas.  There is an overload of ideas.  The real gap is bringing ideas to market in a way that matters.  The secret sauce is ruthless prioritization of the ideas that make the most impact.

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  1. New ideas are like going on an adventure.

  2. There are no bad Ideas

  3. Failure is the road to success

  4. Accept your failures to learn to succeed

  5. Take every opportunity like it’s your last

  6. Joyce Selma Harary

    The more you do, the more things will happen

  7. Make your ideas come alive!

  8. Don’t wait for opportunity to come, find it yourself

  9. Take your creativity, and take action

  10. Risk taking opportunities

  11. Stephanie Alfaks

    Let your idea come to life

  12. Jump at every opportunity

  13. Laziness is just an excuse not to do something

  14. Stephanie Franco

    There’s no such thing as success without failure

  15. Don’t wait be great

  16. Be the person who takes action

  17. Turn your ideas into reality

  18. Don’t be afraid to take action

  19. Bring ideas to life

  20. Execution is Key

  21. Bill Gates would have got no where without working

  22. Take every opportunity like it’s your last

  23. Strive for Success

  24. Never be afraid to show your ideas

  25. Don’t be afraid to go the other way always be willing to do other things!

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