M&M’s Family Humility

M&M’s Family Humility

It is not the kind of life one might imagine for a family whose net worth is $60 billion – the fifth largest in the world. But then again, there is much about the M&M family and its corporation that is unimaginable. At M&M, all employees are called ‘associates.’

There are no perks here – no corporate office suites, no company cars, no reserved parking spaces, no executive washrooms and nobody flies first class.

Direct Communication: There are no private offices either. Offices are eliminated and desks are arranged in a wagon wheel fashion, with the higher-ranking executives in the center, to facilitate communication between individuals and functional areas.

The management structure encourages direct communication. If you need something, you walk over to the boss and ask for it.

Independence: The employees are empowered to be more independent. They take more responsibility and train with more patience. Employees thrive. Once they get a job, they stay. The turnover rate is a low 5%. Some families can claim three generations of employees.

You Don’t Get Ahead Of The Game Because You’re Connected

The clock reads 6:40am. John Mars, at 56, comes to the office, pulls out his time card marked J F Mars, and does what few chief executives in America would ever dream of doing.

He punches in. The billionaire grandson of the company founder punches his time card every morning. Every employee, from the president down, is eligible for a 10% bonus for being on time.


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  1. I think that being fair leads to success because if you are fair, people will trust you more and then you will be more successful. If everyone is equal then more people will want to work there and they will be more successful.

  2. How does being fair lead to success ?
    – when your fair it can lead to success because your not looking at their personal life or how popular they are you are looking at the ideas they have and if they are intelligent or clever.

  3. I think that being fair leads to success because if people know you as the girl/guy that doesn’t keep his/her word they are not going to want to help you in the future but if you are fair, stand by your word and are always honest people it will end up eloping you because people will trust you.

  4. Being fair and not caring about entitlement leads to success, because when everyone works together and listens to everyone else’s ideas, it is more likely for the success to be greater

  5. being fair leads to successful because then you work together and that leads to success

  6. Lenore Mizrachi

    I think being fair leads to success because of many reasons. One of the reasons could be that hashem sees a fair person and wants to give him success and many berachot. I also think that fair people do better than others because what’s fair is what’s right

  7. if you are fair you won’t be greedy and then you’ll be successful

  8. Being fair leads you to success because if your fair you are a good and respectful person so your business and your life will grow and lead you to be more successful.

  9. When you are fair god gives you gifts

  10. Being fair leads to success because people won’t trust you, your leadership, and your ideas if you don’t have good values. If you are a fair person people will trust u and your ideas and listen to you.

  11. Because there is no entitlement and people will work harder if they know that everyone is being treated fairly.

  12. So people don’t get mad that there is entitlement you need to be fair and everyone will be united and eqaul

  13. If we are all treated fairly there will be no jealousy.

  14. It makes everyone feel comfortable

  15. Cause if you are fair to everyone and ur open to ideas Hashem will reward you and make you be successful

  16. Alexa greenstein

    When you are nice and fair to others hashem realizes and he blesses us with success. Al the good you do for someone comes right back to you.

  17. When your fair to everyone it will be better for you. You could hear an idea from someone and it can make you successful

  18. So you can give everyone a fair job and give everyone a say in the company even if they don’t have a big job

  19. You get ideas from everyone around you.

  20. They treat everyone fair so everyone likes them

  21. So everyone has an equal chance.

  22. Because you need to think about other people not only yourself

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