Hiring: Values vs. Talent

Who Are The Koch Brothers?

David and Charles Koch are one of the richest family in America with net worth of $100 billion.

Hiring: Values vs. Talent
“We hire first based on values. We won’t go for the smartest guys in the room. If forced to choose between virtue and talent, choose virtue. Talented people with bad values will do far more damage than virtuous people with lesser talents. It’s fine to make lots of money, but how you do it matters. The biggest mistake I’ve made in business is hiring and promoting executives who only paid lip service. That got us into several bad deals – and drove out people who shared our values.”

How to identify good employees: “When we hire someone, in order to figure out if the candidate shares our values and integrity, we put him in situations.

For example, we have someone he thinks is unimportant take him to the cafeteria and see how he treats people there.”

You Don’t Get Ahead Of The Game Because You’re Connected

At Koch industries, even Charles Koch gets evaluated. Any employee at Koch could earn more than his boss.

The employees are challenged to act as though they are running their own businesses.


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  1. Cause it will make you focus on the important things and not only the non sense in the world.

  2. It’s better to be surrounded around humble people because they won’t harm your business. The way people act towards others, especially like janitors, waiters, etc. is how you can tell what they are really like.

  3. Joseph Kamkhatchi

    I will convince someone that I know that does not believe in this path and I will convince them to change their mindset. They will change their mindset because they will truly know the person that they are dealing with, someone can be a really smart person, but a big ego. And another guy that is smart but not so smart but is a good and nice person. To know if a person is good is how they react to stuff.

  4. Elliot Almaghrabi

    Loyalty, Honesty, Devotion

    The benefit of not hiring just for talent is that when it comes down to others or them, they will always do what’s best for them.

  5. This taught me to not judge people by knowledge because everyone is capable of doing work.i think it’s better to higher someone that’s not so smart because he’s humble not like the Harvard people.

  6. 1. Everyone becomes more humble and will go off to live better lives and have greater communication.
    2. Based on how they act around other people vs how they act when they are alone with you. If there’s a difference then they are more of a fake person.

  7. I look at what they are capable of doing for my business they need to have the qualities of someone that is not a show off. You can tell if someone is real just by looking at them if someone walks in sloppy you can get the impression that he doesn’t care not all people in good colleges are the smartest people simpler people have better ideas to share because they keep it to thereselves

  8. If the person is loyal it’s better to hire them or be their friend other than someone who only cares about themselves and would stab you in the back or do something behind your back with something other than be honest with you .

  9. Never judge somebody even if they are not that smart or educated.

  10. In life there are many different kinds of people and different ways you can see people. Values are very important because if I want to choose my friend I want him to be here for me and to help when needed and isalways there not someone who doesn’t care for me. If u would hire someone I want to hire someone who will improve my company and not someone who works just to work. The way to detect how someone is real or fake is by talking to them and letting them express themselves that way you are able to see who they are.

  11. 1. You see them, you could test them to see if they really are your friends or just fake people.

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