Encouraging Criticism

Who Are The Koch Brothers?

David and Charles Koch are one of the richest family in America with net worth of $100 billion.

Encouraging Criticism

“I find it very productive when somebody challenges me; even if they’re wrong, that challenge causes me to think, “Well, I didn’t explain it clearly, or maybe I don’t fully understand it.” I love it. I say, “Here’s an idea of something we ought to do and here’s how I think we ought to do it.” On the last one, I got six different attacks.

If you’re a leader at any level and your people aren’t challenging you, you’ve got to change that or you can’t be a leader here because you’re not going to be using ideas, you’re not going to have innovation, you’re not going to fully develop your people.”

Crowdsourcing for Best Ideas

“We try to constantly gather all the relevant information. Then we share knowledge internally. We have something called the Discovery Board. We meet once a month, and everyone brings up a problem or an idea, and the rest of us challenge it.”

Respect the Opinion of the Simple Guy

“We try to model our company on the concept of crowdsourcing for best ideas. Nobody has the best ideas. You challenge at every level. People come to us with their ideas. We don’t tell them, “Are you kidding?” It doesn’t work that way, and that violates my principles.

We’re trying to find the truth. How do we make people’s lives better unless we find the truth of what works and what doesn’t?

I’ve always believed in the saying that “there is no limit to what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.”


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