Long Term Thinking

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  1. Jacqueline Mizrachi

    Be patient and don’t expect everything right away

  2. It shows that life is a process and it takes time because long term means in the future. An example is that it takes time to trust a friend so you need to think long term about your friend.

  3. It’s important because that’s the way to be successful

  4. The benefit of long term thinking is that it helps you never give up. No matter how many problems you face in your life, you always need to rememeber that Hashem will solve them when the time comes. The same with business! When you’re not getting any sales you need think long term and remember that when the time is ready, no matter how long it will take, you will get sales! It also helps you believe In Hashem more and it can make you a more positive person! Remember that everything will happen when Hashem knows the time is right! That’s why you need to think LONG TERM!!!!!

  5. Jacqueline Mizrachi

    You need to have long term thinking to start a business because you need to have a plan and know what is going to come in the future.

  6. Bella sooooodrieeee

    Think long term like yaakov and eysav

  7. It is important to think long term because if u have short term thinking then u will give up and u won’t believe in yourself and you would stop trying like if u do bad on a test and u want to better but then when you try and u do bad again and then just give up you will never succeed in life so always think long term

  8. A reason to have long term thinking because you should never give up even when something does not work out at first like this amazon story how he didn’t succeed at first and now he has a multi million dollar company. So never give up.

  9. It’s important to have long term thinking so you can plan ahead. Everyone should think long term because you’ll have more patience and know what’s coming up. You’ll also be able to set better goals for yourself, and you’ll have more confidence when trying to reach your goals.

  10. To not give up in order to be successful

  11. It’s good to have long term thinking because you should think think about what will happen and not only what’s happening now you will be successful

  12. It is important to have long term thinking in life because you shouldn’t only think about now and what’s happening now you should think about the future and what will happen later

  13. When you think long term thinking you are much more likely
    To be successful in life.

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